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4 Types of Adult Walkers You Should Know About

Much like your parents or grandparents raised you and taught you to walk with the walker, you sometimes need to return the favour. Adult walker is quite a common way to ensure maximum mobility in senior citizens. Before making the final purchase, you must focus on knowing the available types and the kind of significance they have. This will further ease the process of purchase, ensuring that you pick the right kind.

If you still are a little sceptical, make sure that you look through the types we have mentioned below.

Folding walkers

This is perfect for adults who have very little space in their homes. The medical walkers, for the most part, are foldable. But, if you are specifically looking for a type, this is a good one to start with. Given that they fold easily, it ensures secure storage of the walker. Not just that, it also does have better impacts on transporting. So, you can carry it around without much hassle. The two-button folding walkers are pretty amazing as well.

Stand assist walkers

The next one in the list is the stand assist walkers. These help in three different ways – walker, standalone assist, and rising aid. The majority of these walkers come with bi-level holders which further ensure the maximum ease while holding and standing on your own two feet. This provides with amazing support while standing as well.

Bariatric walkers

The bariatric walkers are considered as the heavy-duty walkers, meant for obese and heavyweight people who would put more pressure on the equipment. These walkers are made with heavier metals and have sturdy hinges and joints to ensure maximum support without any issues while walking at all. They also come with a broader frame, which eases the walking process without any obstructions at all.

Hemi walkers

These often look like ladders but are walkers meant to ease the walking process for the older adults who are having a rough time getting to places. It is also known as the side stepper and is nothing but a hand walker. This is for the people whose one side is a little weaker in comparison to the other side. It has a low build in contrast to the standard walkers, making this a unique option to look into. Even these walkers do fold in easily for secure storage and transportation.

What to keep in mind?

Before purchasing the adult walker, there are certain things that you do need to keep in mind, and those are:

Ensure to get the walker which has quite a good amount of stability so the person won’t end up slipping and hurting themselves
Get the ones which come with better wide range support and lesser wheels to ensure better grip on the ground
Lastly, it is the best to opt for the ones which are foldable for better storage and portability

If you have been thinking to get adult walkers, these are some of the types and factors to keep in mind before making the purchase.

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