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3 Unique Tattoos That Will Help You Stand Out

Most people get tattoos because they want to stand out. It’s a great way to separate yourself from everyone else, especially if your ink is unique, so let’s look at some fantastic styles you should test out.

Sak Yant Tattoos

If you walk into a popular mixed martial art gym, you’ll probably see lots of fighters with sak yant tattoos. The tattoos were introduced to the world during the Khmer Empire, so they’re massive in Thailand and neighboring countries.

The first thing you’ll notice about sak yants is the wonderful designs that include an ancient language. Thankfully, the best tattoo shops in Toronto and GTA don’t need to know the language to achieve great results.

You’ll be able to get sak yant tattoos inside a Thai temple for a few dollars, plus a monk will bless them to ensure they have lots of power. It’s still worth getting one in the west if you don’t plan on travelling to Asia soon.

The Bern tattoo studio is well-known for its expertise, so make sure you pay them a visit. Also, check out their authentic Thai tattoo styles that are rocking the scene.

It’s possible to start with small designs that only take 10-15 minutes, but large designs with animals take longer. Spend a while searching online to find out where people place them on their bodies.

Luminous Tattoos

Everyone will notice you dancing if you’re in a nightclub with luminous tattoos and gold body jewellery. It’s one of the only places where the tattoos are visible because they glow in the dark under ultraviolet light.

Most people will consider that a negative, but what if you don’t want anyone to know you have a tattoo? Maybe your bosses won’t be happy if you walk around with half sleeves, but you can still show them off inside a club.

It’s possible to combine normal and luminous ink to create improved designs. Once you’ve had a traditional tattoo, your tattooist can add luminous ink to certain areas to give you the best of both worlds.

Make sure you choose a good artist if you want a luminous tattoo. You could end up with missing parts because it’s impossible to see the ink. It also lasts longer if the tattoo is done by a skilled artist.

White Ink Tattoos

White ink is great if you have darker skin because it’s more visible. It’s also a good choice for people with pale skin who don’t want an extremely visible tattoo. The ink tends to be more popular with females.

A skilled tattooist can create masterpieces when they combine white and black ink, so you don’t need to choose one or the other. Designs with flowers look really good in white ink because flowers are naturally bright.

One of the best things about white ink is the fact it’s uncommon. Almost everyone you meet has black ink tattoos, so it’s nice to do something a little different. How many people have you met with stunning white tattoos?

White ink will disappear faster if you have light skin. People might stop noticing them after a while. It could look like you have a skin condition if your tattoo is small, so don’t choose anything tiny.

It’s Difficult To Stand Out

It’s hard to stand out these days because everyone is experimenting with their looks, but these kinds of tattoos will definitely help.