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10 Ways to Secure Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Looking forward to your much-awaited vacation? Everyone deserves to unwind and detach from the everyday stress of school or work. But going on vacation comes with many considerations. One thing that often gets neglected is your home security while you’re away.

Whether you’ll be out for a few days or weeks, you need to ensure that your property and belongings are secure. Knowing that your house is safe from unscrupulous individuals can help make your vacation fun and worry-free.

When going on a holiday, securing your home should be a top priority. Below are some steps to take to give you peace of mind while on vacation.

Lock the doors and windows

This one’s very basic but three out of ten burglars actually enter homes through unlocked doors. When you’re too excited and in a hurry to leave, you might forget to close the doors and windows. Secure even the windows on the upper floors as ill-intentioned individuals can find a way to access your home through these openings.

Empty your mailbox

If a mailbox is piling up with letters, newspapers or subscriptions, it tells potential burglars that no one is around. When leaving for some time, arrange with a trusted friend or neighbour to collect your mail while you are away. Better yet, you can notify USPS to temporarily put on hold mail forwarding as well as any subscriptions with regular deliveries.

Don’t leave your home dark

A dark home suggests that no one is around and that’s what thieves are looking for. Leave a few lights on to create the illusion that your house is not empty. Alternatively, you can invest in motion detector lights that will light up in case of any attempted entry or intruders. There are timer-equipped lights that illuminates at specific times of the day.

Avoid posting your plans and whereabouts online

Be careful about what you post on your social media accounts. While there’s nothing wrong about sharing your glee on an upcoming vacation, announcing the details of your trip invites bad guys into your house. It puts your property at risk. Burglars target people who are away on vacation because they are easy to prey on and their properties can be easily intruded.

But if you seriously want to post your details and pictures of your vacation, make sure to keep them visible only within your trusted circle of friends. Once you’re finally back, you can set the post public. This way, you don’t make your home an easy target of thieves.

Ensure all access points are secure

It’s not enough that you lock the doors and windows. Check the condition of the door locks or window latches to ensure that they are not defective or are easy to deface. If any of the locks is out-of-order, you should replace it before moving out. There are some advanced door lock types, such as the best keyless door locks and biometric door locks, that come with advanced security features. These provide better protection and security to your home while you’re away.

Clean up your yard

A messy and disorganized yard may signify that the home is empty. This makes your home an easy target. Before you leave, keep the lawn and yard organized. If you’ll be away for a long time, see to it that the landscaping contractor will continue to work even without you. If you’ll be leaving in winter, consider adding snow removal services.

Close your curtains

Before you leave, close the curtains around your house. Curtains can help avoid people from scrutinizing your home. However, make sure to leave your curtain the way you do it daily. Take note that burglars are very keen. Any sudden, noticeable changes may tip-off burglars. Furthermore, this creates an impression that you are around.

Invest in home security system

Home security systems can thwart any unauthorized entry. With this investment, you get live video using your smartphone. It can also send an alarm in case of any attempts. Some home security systems incorporate a home intercom system which is beneficial to improve communication within your house.

Lock up your valuables

Jewelries, gadgets, and home appliances are extremely alluring to housebreakers. Hide or secure your valuables in vaults or safes. Don’t leave them near the window or anywhere that is easily visible. But aside from your high-value items, some criminals are after your personal and financial information, so make sure they are also locked up.

Leave a key to a trusted friend or family member

Lastly but most important of all, it is recommended that you notify someone you completely trust (maybe a family member, friend or neighbor) about your trip. This is particularly true if you’ll be a way for a much longer period. Spare a key so that he or she can check your home every now and then. Ask them to watch or monitor your home while you’re away, and notify you of any problems or emergency situations.