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Which Flooring Option is Best for Your Bedroom?

When it comes to bedroom flooring, you should go with a calming, soothing color and design. It’s best if the flooring helps to relax you so you can find your sleep more easily. The good news is that with laminate flooring, you basically have an unlimited range of color and design options to choose from.

But you can’t just go with the looks. You also have to consider the acoustics, and whether the surface feels nice and comfy against your bare feet. Even the risk of slipping is a factor.

Taking all these things into account, here are some good flooring options for your bedroom:

Laminate Flooring

This is always a fun option for DIY fans, since it’s a lot easier to install laminate flooring than other options like hardwood. You just need the right tools, so check out some laminate floor cutter review articles first if you’re lacking a laminate cutter. Then watch a few instructional videos on YouTube, and you just might get it right.

Laminate flooring also looks great. Recent developments have made truly realistic hardwood prints available, and you sure have a lot of looks to pick from. Some of the premium laminate options even have a nice texture to go with the look.

You get all these advantages, and you also enjoy reasonable prices. In general, laminate flooring is more affordable than hardwood. But with the right choice, you can get the look of hardwood that looks terrific in your bedroom.

In the bedroom, the laminate flooring’s weakness against moisture and spills is rarely in play, unlike in the kitchen. Laminate also holds up nicely to wear and tear, and bedrooms don’t usually get that much foot traffic, anyway.

Laminate flooring may seem fragile, but it’s also strong enough (usually) to deal with the weight of your bed. And as long as your other furniture pieces don’t go over 500 pounds or so, everything’s alright.

Laminate is noisier when stepped on, however, and it also somewhat echoes sound waves.


This is always a classic choice, because it just looks so elegant and classy. You can find the right hardwood type and color that soothes your spirit, while also matching your interior design preference.

Hardwood is also quite strong, so you can have a huge and heavy bed along with a heavy closet and still not worry. Besides, the hardwood also feels nice when you’re going barefoot.

Hardwood will last a good long while, and may even last a lifetime with proper care. Maintenance is also not a problem.

Perhaps the main issue with hardwood is that in most cases, it reflects sound. But hardwood is actually quieter than laminate.


Whether you go with hardwood or laminate flooring, carpets are great for the bedroom. In fact, many consider it as the most popular flooring choice for the bedroom.

Carpets are quieter to walk on, so if your spouse is walking around in the room and you’re sleeping, their steps won’t bother you at all. Carpets also absorb sound nicely, so you may still be able to sleep through when other people in the room are talking. In contrast, other flooring options may reflect sound instead.

It also feels nicer on your feet when you step on the carpet. It’s sometimes a bit jarring when you get off from the nice soft bed, and then step on a hard floor when you wake up. It’s a gentler experience to just step on the carpet instead, before you fully transition to a hard flooring surface.

Also, you’re less likely to slip on carpet than harder flooring surfaces. That’s great when you’re walking around the bedroom still half-asleep when you wake up, or when you’re sleepy trying to get yourself to your bed at night.

Carpets are also safer for children’s bedrooms, especially for younger kids that are more likely to fall off the bed. And if you have babies crawling around, the carpet is better for their knees, and more forgiving when they fall down after taking their first steps.

Area Rugs

This is another good option for use over laminate or hardwood flooring. You get the great wood vibes of the hardwood or laminate, and some of the benefits of carpeting.

With area rugs, you sure have lots of options to pick from. There are plenty of different options with wide ranges of size, pattern, color, material, and weave.

Just get the right size for your bedroom. If you’re setting the area rug under the bed, the rug should extend at least 2 feet from both sides of the bed, and from the foot of the bed.

Some people say that the rug directly underneath the bed is just wasted. If you agree, then you may want to buy 3 smaller area rugs for the sides and the foot of the bed.

Pick the area rug that feels nice and comfy for your feet. To avoid any slipping accidents, go with one that comes with a non slip backing.

Final Words

Other types of flooring may not be all that suitable for bedrooms. Rubber, for example, may seem like a good option. It’s soft for the feet, and absorbs sound nicely. While in the old days rubber flooring looks are limited, nowadays, you also have more attractive options.

But premium rubber flooring options can be very expensive. Also, new rubber flooring can have a rather strong unpleasant smell that lasts for weeks. Who can sleep through that?

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