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Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 2020

The symbols that represent the planets and the signs are laden with meaning and symbolism. Look at the one for Uranus in the left hand corner of the graphic. Its grounding is the infinite circle.

Circles represent completeness, unity and wholeness. The cross of matter rests upside down on the circle. Crosses represent our connection with earth, our burdens to bear and our gifts to receive.

They are also connected to the holy trinity – the son, the father and the holy ghost. The first two parts look like Venus upside down. The crescent is another common component of the symbols astrology uses for the planets and signs.

The crescents are symbols of receptivity. In the glyph for Uranus these crescents are pointed outward as if they were radar dishes pointed toward the sound of the spheres.

The radar like symbol for Uranus with the cross of the matter pointed toward the heavens with its receptive ‘ears’ looks as if it could receive radio waves, transmit information and perhaps we can even get a glimpse of why it is associated with ‘celestial hearing’.

Uranus is associated with lightning, awakening and all things new and radical. The statue poised on the side of the building sounding his trumpet to herald in a new era is the image that prompted me to write about Uranus Retrograde in Taurus.

According to, a wake up call – something new and exciting is upon us, despite the unpredictable and not so inspiring activity in the World of Men.

Air is the element that does not hinder the motion of objects through it. Uranus just spent 7+ years in its modern day home of Aquarius. .
Uranus will spend another 3.5 months in Aquarius from September 16 until New Years Eve 2021. One more kick at the can coming up and the events and themes associated will repeat from the early months of 2021.

Uranus is electrifying energy, associated with the intellect, inventions, innovation and original ideas. Unique, individualistic and freedom loving, it is energy that is difficult to tie down or capture. I like to think of it as the filament inside an ordinary light bulb it only takes a thread to conduct electricity to those wires, and voila there is light.

In cartoons when someone has an idea, it is often expressed by drawing a light bulb over their heads. Uranus represents that ‘Eureka – I have found it” energy.

What we discover in Taurus cannot be defined with precision, at best I’d call it educated guesses, remember the essence of Uranus is defined by the word unpredictable.

The 11th house, Aquarius and Uranus are associated with the collective mind, our dreams and wishes for humanity as a whole. The symbolism of Uranus includes groups, associations, friends, and colleagues; humanitarian efforts, legislation, parliament, rebellion, socialism, psychotherapy and science.

The image on the cover of the January 20, issue of the TIME magazine captured my attention, as did its contents. A woman sitting in lotus position of yoga. Whenever the topic is covered in this magazine, which celebrates its 60th anniversary, it has entered the mainstream.

One of the articles was about whether Freud could find employment. I found it fascinating in light of what I associate the ingress of Uranus into Taurus in view of the 1920’s when this occurred the last time.

Freud and Jung became mainstream back then, but in the course of the past 84 years now our views of the human mind have changed. . This era will likely herald a new kind of psychology, perhaps its roots traced back to the earliest of traditions in astrology. The same edition of the magazine was brimming with articles to do with our health, our mind and genetics.

Gene isolation is not the quest rather understanding the combination of genes and environment. Much like astrology, just because you are a

Leo Sun, does not mean that you fit the mould.

Astrologers look at a myriad of combinations of planetary influences, points and signs to draw any kind of conclusions.

Astrologically speaking, Uranus is energy that livens up our lives by presenting us with unexpected surprises.

Mid-life crisis is associated with the Uranus return at around age 42, and depending how well your chart is wired to this Maverick planet helps identify the impact of this transit.

I think that the role of Uranus is to shake up areas of our lives where we have let life stagnate, where we haven’t attempted to do anything closely resembling unique.

Aquarius and its ruler Uranus are associated with the 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams, friends and acquaintances as well as love given.

On a mundane level we associate this house with groups and organizations, thus with charity and assistance to help the masses.

We associate Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius with divorce. Both the sign and its ruling planet love their freedom, and both refuse to be bound to something that has stagnated. This sign is intellectual and analytical, it needs the camaraderie and friendship within a relationships. It thrives on mental stimulation, and should that end for any reason, Aquarius is likely to want to find a new source of ‘excitement’.

Do pay attention to the subtler tones of the word divorce – it is disassociation from an emotional or committed attachment to not only people but ideas, jobs, groups and all kinds of issues and people we ‘collect’ into our lives.

The inventions, advancements in technology while Uranus was in Aquarius as well as the social unrest of this time period have left their mark in history.

However, often when a planet travels through the final degrees of a sign, an element of “it is now or never ” enters the equation.

We could be witnessing some of the most unexpected developments in these Aquarian areas in these final seven weeks, and in the course of the 15 weeks at the end of 2020. But let’s keep in mind the big buzz word for Uranus is surprise and the unexpected. One intriguing news item in the papers – the sounds of the genes made into music.

A french composer has made 10 soundtracks of the genes for the genome project. Not the music of the spheres but the sounds our bodies resonate to. Uranus moves into Taurus.

On March 10, 2021 Uranus entered Taurus.. Previously Uranus was in Taurus from January 1920 – April 1927. It was a time of conservatism. It was a time of great social change.

From the world of fashion to the world to politics, forces clashed to produce the most explosive decade of the century.

In music, the three sounds were jazz, jazz, and jazz. Youth ruled everything, from the young styles of dress to the latest celebrities. If it was young, it was the thing.