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Materials That Can Be Used To Form Cuban Link Chains

Who says men wear jewellery on some occasions only? Many men indeed love to wear gold and silver jewellery daily. A Cuban chain bracelet or necklace is indeed the most favourite everyday jewellery accessory for men.

The Cuban chains or bracelets come in multiple styles and various materials. The Cuban chains are in trend nowadays and can enhance every man’s personality. This can be styled with any outfit, whether it is a formal outfit or casual.

When choosing a Cuban chain, there are so many factors that you need to consider, like the size of the chain, material, link size, quality, and thickness.

You might be familiar with the most trending Cuban chain, which is Gold Chain. No doubt, some other Cuban chains are made with bronze, silver, nickel, and copper.The different material supports the chain’s formation and durability.

On the other hand, a Cuban chain can be a perfect gift to your special man, brother, and friend in your life.

Take a look at the Materials That Can Be Used To Form Cuban Link Chains

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the most popular material that can be used in Cuban link chains. Indeed, sterling silver is not pure but a combination of silver and other high-quality materials that provide high strength and more durability to the chains.

Sterling silver material is known for its durability and maintenance. It is easy to clean and non-allergic to wearers. One of the biggest advantages of buying silver Cuban link chains is that it is more affordable than other metals.

Anyone can afford a Cuban link chain made with sterling silver. In this style, you will find incredible designs and styles, and of course, you will look fabulous.

Usually, it contains pure silver of 92.5% by weight and 7.5% other metals. It is ideal for daily wear accessories or special parties as well.

Gold Chain

Gold is the most trendy metal which is used in the manufacturing of Cuban link chains. The purest form of gold is 24k, and Cuban link chains are made with a mixture of gold and other metals. These chains come in an ample number of styles and patterns.

If you have a wedding in your home and are looking for precious gifts for your special person, then the golden Cuban link chain can be the perfect gift option for you.

The 24k golden chains are soft, and anyone can bend them easily; that is why people do not prefer to buy pure gold Cuban link chains. When the gold mixes with other metals, it increases the strength of the metal or jewellery piece and decreases the gold purity.

You can also prefer to buy-

  • 10- Karat Gold Chains- The chains made with 14k gold are shiny and has 14 parts made with other metals. If you want to upgrade your look, then buy a 10 karat golden Cuban link chain.
  • 14- Karat Gold Chain- It has 1o parts occupied with other precious metals and is stronger than pure gold. It does not bend easily, which is a good sign.
  • 18- Karat Gold Chain- It contains 6 parts by other metals and is stronger.

So, now you got familiar with golden Cuban chains; you can wear them at someone’s wedding or on special occasions.

Copper Material

If you are a jewellery lover, you should know that copper is a higher durable metal but not suitable for jewellery.

No doubt, jewellery made with copper and other metals provide high strength and is resistant to rusting. But it is believed that Cuban link chains made with copper metal are not ideal.

Brass Chain

What is brass? Brass is another metal that can be used in Cuban link chains. Brass appearance is similar to yellow gold and looks fabulous but cheaper than other metals. If you have a Cuban brass chain, you will not need to do tricky procedures for maintenance.

It is easy to clean, and you can clean it at your home by yourself without spending money. The high-quality brass material is available at an affordable price and is durable. If you wear a brass Cuban link chain with proper care, it will stay long.

Stainless Steel

Many people are fond of buying Cuban link chains with stainless steel material. Stainless steel never discolours in the air and doesn’t get rusted. One of the biggest pros of stainless steel is that it is highly durable compared to gold chains.

The Cuban link chains made with steel have a chromium layer on the metal, which increases the life of the metal. It also doesn’t get oxidized due to its high metallic properties. It is a perfect material to make body jewellery; it is rigid.

You can find precious and high-quality Cuban link chains in different materials and if you want to buy Cuban link chains, then understand your preference first. So, what are you waiting for? Get Cuban link chains in an online store and highlight your overall personality.

Do not forget to analyze the best-suited metal for your skin and choose the Cuban chain with long-lasting properties.