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Looking for the Best Plants for Your Backyard Privacy

Do you have inquisitive neighbors who like to peek into your backyard? You can actually use plants to keep them out and enjoy your privacy. There is a wide variety of trees, bushes, and vines that can help you transform your property into a private sanctuary; in fact, using these elements might be a lot more cost-effective than constructing a fence for your teak outdoor furniture care. Here are some great backyard privacy plant ideas to try out now.


The use of arborvitae as a natural privacy fence is one of the most common practices today for several reasons. It is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, is resistant to frost, and requires little care because of its dense, evergreen leaves. When picking arborvitae for your area, you should take into consideration the plant’s mature height as well as breadth since there are numerous types, ranging from dwarf to enormous, with varying heights.


Hydrangea plants may reach a width of 8 feet and a height of 8 feet. This makes them suitable candidates for use as hedge plants. When these bushes are grown in rows, the cone-shaped flowers that they produce become the main point of the landscape. One important point to note is that hydrangeas shed their foliage in the autumn, which means that they do not offer continual privacy. Nevertheless, you may use them with other plants to create a hedge and keep some privacy even when they aren’t in season.


You can’t go wrong with a tall, slender tree like this for privacy in the backyard. As the trees mature at a rate of up to five feet each year, you may expect to be able to shield yourself from prying eyes in only a few growing seasons. Before making your choice, you should bear in mind that trees that grow quickly need more care and attention.

Butterfly Bush

This shrub, with its dense clusters of violet flowers, serves as a fantastic alternative for achieving seclusion in the edible garden since it draws in pollinators as well as other helpful insects. The butterfly bush is not only drought-resistant but also flowers continuously from spring through October, which is a big benefit.


Hedgerows may also be created with these lovely trees that provide a sweet scent. Because their blossoms are so brilliant and fragrant, they are perfect for use as plants that provide solitude. Since lilacs require a lot of sunlight, you should choose a different kind of hedge if your property receives a lot of shade. They also need to have their branches pruned once a year. To stimulate new growth and maintain good blossoming, prune away any branches that are diseased, damaged, or dead.


Juniper, in its many forms, is an ideal choice for the planting of privacy screens. Several varieties may reach heights of ten feet or more, such as the California and Sierra junipers. Some types are better suited for huge holdings, while others, like the Spartan variety, may be planted closer together on smaller plots of land. Junipers are an excellent choice for windbreaks because of the dense, close-knit foliage that they produce.

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