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Four Relaxing Vacations for All Budgets

You don’t need a huge amount of money to go out on a relaxing vacation, in fact if you’re looking to de-stress then you could do worse than to have a little staycation in your own city. Still, if you have a budget – even just a little bit of it – you can have a memorable holiday without having to break the bank.

If you’re ready for a relaxing vacation next year or in 2022, my hope is that this post will help to give you a little confidence and that it will get you in the mood to go travelling. So let’s jump on in and take a look at just four of the best relaxing vacations for travelers on a budget.

Four relaxing vacations for all budgets

1. Go cruising in Alaska

Visiting Alaska isn’t necessarily easy and it’s not like just hopping on a train to visit a neighboring state. In fact, the easiest way to visit Alaska is to find a tour provider who will do all of the hard work for you. Of course, trekking across the Alaskan snow isn’t exactly relaxing, and so instead I’d 100% recommend taking a cruise instead. And to make sure that the planning is as relaxing as the vacation is, you can also take a lot of the stress out by adapting an existing Alaska itinerary.

2. Euro Trip

Depending on where you’re located, Europe can be a big ticket trip so be sure to plan ahead in order to take in the sites without being budget stressed. It’s super easy to go from country to country and you can use public transport to travel in style without having to worry about hiring a car and driving. France, Italy and Germany are all a lot of fun for different reasons, but Spain is probably the best if you’re travelling on a budget and it also has better weather for just hanging out and relaxing. Visit the local markets and pack yourself a picnic to take in the local culture and scenery.

3. Visit Florida’s springs

The United States is home to more than its fair share of crystal clear springs, many of which are located in national or state parks. These can be super affordable vacations because many of them just ask for a few bucks to cover parking and/or camping. Depending on your cup of tea, tent camp or rent a sleeper van or RV for ultimate luxury. There are many rental companies that will set you up with all the necessary camp tools if you don’t have them yourself.

4. Hit the beach

Nothing says relaxation better than sand between your toes. Pack your SPF and your favorite sun hat and hit the waves. Some of my favorite beaches to visit are the white sand beaches in Florida or along the Carolina coast but if you have more room in your budget nothing quite tops the beaches in Hawaii.


Now it’s over to you so that you can start booking and looking forward to your next adventure because we all need things on the calendar to look forward to. Have fun!

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