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Fade Haircut Ideas for Black Men

Fade haircut styles are identified by their beautiful finish of graduated hair length. However, this look is not achieved easily. It is a rigorous job, but the results are amazing. No other hairstyle can provide the fresh and amazing feel that fade hairstyles provide. In addition, these haircuts for black men provide different hair length at the top. That is the reason a fresh fade can appear different and pretty creative.

Most black men choose a high fade hairstyle, incorporating a complete disappearing of the manes much higher compared to the temple line. This is a regular haircut look for many black men, and the reason is apparent; it is easy to style a high fade compared to the low fade, which needs more time and effort. High fade haircut is specifically ideal for men with naturally coiled hair, where the hair at the top remains at the vertical position, while that on the sides are shaved to fade. More quick transition between the varying lengths can be created with temple gradual fades.

1. Geometric Haircut for Black Guys

This hairstyle utilises great art that you might not imagine it could be possible with haircuts. It involves the use of geometric shapes and clean lines for a stunning outcome. This fade haircut is on point and never goes out of the version.

2. Clean Cut Low Fade.

Fade haircuts for black men are the best options since natural hair falls flat when trimmed close and that offers a super clean style on the sides. A low fade implies that it begins to taper near the eyebrow. The carved clean line offers this look something unique without going overboard.

3. Wavy Low Fade.

Low fade haircut usually begins low on the sides of the head. It is an option if you need natural waves to blend in perfectly with the remaining hair. And if you want to rock this style with beards, make sure that edges are always smooth and well-groomed.

4. Short High Fade.

This is one of the best hairstyles for black guys. If you choose this haircut, it offers low maintenance schedule, but that doesn’t mean you will not need to go to your barber. It is important to visit your barber at least once in a month to maintain it looking clean.

5. Cool Temple Fade.

If you don’t choose the right fade haircut, it might end up looking boring. This clean style is the best combination of modern and retro. To recreate this look, don’t shave the hair at the back to the skin. Rather, leave it at mid-length to achieve a faux hawk impact. This is a style that exudes great creativity.

6. Wavy High Fade.

If you need a fade haircut for black men that will leave people wondering who you are, then opt for beautiful waves on the crown and mane shaved to the skin on the sides and the back. However, what makes this style a successful hairdo is the carved lines.

7. Cool Black Curly Fade.

If you need a fresh and sexy haircut, a fade is without a doubt the best option to go for. This stylish and fresh fade haircut is very sharp. Besides, it is ridiculously easy to style. Some black men look handsome with high fades, while others prefer low fades. This low to medium fade is stylish. Complement it with beard and you will look great.

8. Skin Fade and Curly Top.

This is a classic high-top fade. It appears cooler with curly hair on top with a clean line that dips down to the back of the neck. The clean edge on the top separates the curly and trimmed parts and improves the contrast between the two sections. These two sections make this style unique.

9. Short Smooth Waves.

Haircuts for black men can be pretty short haircuts for men but not dull, see it here. This haircut is taken to another level by the waves. The shaved part is currently trendy in most African American hairstyles.

10. High and Tight Fade.

This high and tight fade haircut is flattering and straightforward as well. It looks great when paired with a thin beard than helps highlight the masculine facial features.