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Difference Between Weighted Blanket and Traditional Blanket

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a relatively new item designed to give you a feeling of warmth and fullness while you sleep. They are used by people who suffer from disabilities and sleeping disorders, including anxiety, autism, and ADHD. While the blankets themselves are relatively new, the concept behind them is not; people have been using heavy blankets to help themselves sleep for centuries, and are also known as deep touch pressure (DTP) blankets. The weighted blankets have a layer of small, evenly distributed plastic pellets or small plastic bags filled with polymeric beads. The weight of the blanket can range from 8 lbs to 20 lbs. They are warm, cozy, and lightweight. The weighted blanket has designed to distribute weight all over your body evenly. Did you know, the feeling of pressure from a weighted blanket can help to stimulate serotonin production in your body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the sensation of happiness in your body. A weighted blanket having synthetic fibers or wool and features small poly pellets or Styrofoam beads sewn into the blankets, all of which add extra weight to the blanket. It can vary in weight from 3 to 30 lbs and can be easily washable. The weight can vary according to the size, age of the person going to use it. Unlike the traditional blanket, the weighted blanket is used in every season. There are many health benefits to using weighted blankets, which have fabric or poly pellets to weigh down the blanket and provide you with a more comfortable and soothing experience. One should be careful while buying the weighted blanket. In my recommendation, You can do the shopping for weighted blanket try here at

Traditional Blanket

The traditional blankets have a lot different from weighted blankets. These blankets have the perfect blanket for any home and a go-to decorative throw. It comes in various colors that can liven up any room in your home and is very soft and comfortable, cozy. These blankets have made of synthetic materials. They have made from a combination of materials that help to provide warmth. The material may include wool, polyester. The blanket is perfect for winter and can be used to decorate your room or to keep you warm on those cold nights. A traditional blanket has not made of any poly pellets and is not weighted. It is not as heavy as the weighted blanket made of cotton or silk. The traditional blankets are a lot thinner than a weighted blanket and can only use in particular weather. Traditional blankets can be helpful for some people, but some people find them overstimulating.

The main difference between the weighted blanket and the traditional blanket has the weight, type even if both have of the same size.

Types of weighted Blanket:

  1. Fabric-backed weighted blanket 
  2. Hooked-loop weighted blanket

1. Fabric-backed weighted blanket:- A fabric-backed weighted blanket has a lining on the back, usually made out of cotton or flannel, and is easy to clean. These blankets have made with a removable cover that you can take off and wash. However, if the cotton or flannel lining has sewn into the blankets, so it’s harder to take off and clean. If you don’t have a removable cover, you can still wash your weighted blanket, but you’ll want to follow the washing instructions that came with it. If there are no instructions, or you want to know more about how to wash a weighted blanket, read on to find out what you need

2. Hooked-loop weighted blanket:- Hooked-loop blankets have made by sewing together strips of fabric to create a grid pattern that resembles a fishnet. Twist the edges of the cloth fabric, and the strips form hooks on the ends. These hooks catch with the cloth in a way that prevents them from unraveling. Hooked-loop blankets are most often made of cotton, although acrylic and wool blankets are also available.

Types of traditional Blanket:

There are many types of traditional blankets, which have been using for different purposes.

  1. Bedspreads:- Bedspreads has also known as the large blankets that cover the whole bed. They have been designing flexibly, that if you do not want to use them, you can keep them folded in a closet, and if you wanted to use them, quickly unfold them to cover your bed. They have called bedspreads because they have been using on beds. These have widely used in Western countries.
  2. Woven blankets:- Traditional woven blankets has woven with wool, cotton, or synthetic materials. 
  3. Knitted blankets:- Traditional knitted blankets have knitted using wool, cotton, synthetic or acrylic yarns.
  4. Woolen blankets:- Traditional woolen blankets have mostly manufactured using woolen yarn and have high quality and durability.

No matter what sleeping habits you have, the weighted blankets always have been the best for you.