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Could You Be Entitled to a Wrongful Death Settlement? What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Death is always tragic no matter the reason, but it’s especially poignant when the death comes about through the negligent or intentional act of another person. If you have a loved one that has died under these circumstances, then you may be eligible for a wrongful death claim.

Unlike a criminal case, which may be done at the same time or before a wrongful death suit, wrongful death cases are done on the civil level and seek monetary damages in a wrongful death settlement. Many people don’t understand what a wrongful death suit and if they can qualify. We’ll explain this and provide you with information on eligibility.

What Consequences Can Lead to a Wrongful Death Settlement?

There are many reasons why a person’s death by be eligible for a wrongful death lawsuit. One of the most common cases is medical malpractice. Basically, a person died under a doctor’s care and that death was caused by the doctor’s negligence or intentional action.

Many deaths that happen in the workplace can be wrongful death suits. If the person could have had a personal injury claim but died before it could be completed, then their loved ones could file a wrongful death suit.

If someone intentionally killed a person, then a civil wrongful death suit will likely coincide with a criminal investigation. Car accidents with fatalities where deaths occurred by the negligence of a driver can also be wrongful death.

If you believe a situation can qualify for wrongful death, then seek more information to determine likely eligibility.

What Happens During a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A representative of the family or close friend of the deceased can file the suit against the person or businesses they believe are responsible for the death. Each state has different rules as to who can seek a wrongful death lawsuit.

During the lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove that had the person or business accused not been negligent in their duties or purposely tried to cause death, the victim would have lived.

For example, if a doctor misdiagnosed an illness because of their own negligence and the patient died, then the plaintiff must prove that the patient would have lived had they received the correct diagnosis in a timely manner.

Wrongful Death Damages

At the conclusion of the case, the plaintiff can receive various monetary damages based on several factors. They include money for the pain and suffering endured by the victim prior to death. It can include paying for medical costs incurred by the victim before death.

It can pay for funeral expenses, loss of inheritance, the value of service, loss of care or guidance the victim would have provided through their lifetime and other factors.

Seek Help if You Need Wrongful Death Advice

The death of a loved one is never easy. If it could have been prevented, then it’s an injustice. Seek a wrongful death settlement and help keep your family financially afloat while grieving the loss of your loved one.

If you want to learn more about qualifying or a wrongful death lawsuit, then please explore our site.