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Check Out These 15 Social Media Templates That Are Just Perfect For You

There are around 4 billion active users of social media globally. Hence, it is unarguable that it is the perfect platform to reach out to customers. However, increasing brand awareness and generating leads through social media is not an easy joke. Content is king in social media marketing, and without the right content, you will not be able to attain your goals.

No worries. Here is some good news for you. Using social media templates is a timesaver, and you can complete your work in no time. There are impressive collections of social media templates online which would make video editing for beginners a child’s play. Here is a list of 15 that can help you in social media marketing.

SOKA Social Media Pack

These templates are inspired by Japanese vintage style and street fashion. It is a magnificent combo of classic and modern trends. These fascinating templates are sure to add a touch of style and personality to your social media posts. All you need to do is make a few clicks to make your post vibrant and radiate the energy of your product/service.


You need not be an expert designer to create a stunning design. You can just choose one from the tons of professionally designed layouts to create capturing social media graphics, posters and any other visual content. Creating an Instagram story or creating content for different social media networks is made easy with Canva.

Pastel Instagram Stories and Posts

It is a beautiful and very easy to use pack. It provides 15 story templates for Instagram that are useful for businesses, especially lifestyle businesses and bloggers. It also contains 15 square templates to create your social media post.

Polo Social Media pack

It provides 32 design templates, quote templates, 1 free logo design and 6 square designs. The fonts, the colors, the images, and the layouts are customizable. The design templates are created after detailed research on the most successful content online.

Monday Templates For Social Media

There are more than 100 ready-to-use templates from which you can choose any template and tailor it to fit in your needs. Then you can proceed to start executing your social media marketing plan.

Fashion Promotional Instagram Social Media

This pack is exclusively designed for Instagram users. All updated regulations of Instagram are followed in the pack. You don’t need to be a technical expert and coder to use this pack. You can change the color settings and add texts. You can create magic with zero experience when you use this pack.

Plus-Pack Social Media

Do you want to make an elegant promo with minimalist designs? If so, Plus-Pack is a wonderful option. The pack includes 75 layered files that are easy to edit and customize. The templates are available in 5 sizes to suit the requirements of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Hello Pack Social Media

It is a pack of multipurpose banners to fit the needs of bloggers, businesses, and other social media users. It provides 12 square-shaped templates for Instagram, 12 vertical-shaped templates for Pinterest and 12 horizontal-shaped templates for Facebook. The files are fully editable and customizable.

Insta Boost Animated Instagram Video Templates For Photoshop

Do you want to make videos from photos? There are many online video editors tools to use. Insta Boost helps in boosting your Instagram presence with more than 30 layered PSD files that can be easily customized. The sky is the limit for the possibilities on Insta Boost.

Minimis – Minimal Animated Social Media Post Templates

Do you want to make your stories more exciting and more engaging? Minimis Pack provides you with the right templates. It provides 20 well-crafted templates for stories. The animations are crafted in photoshop. Just add or edit text, and the images and your posts are sure to create a buzz.

Colorful Social Media Designs

Does your brand or your post call for bright and bold colors? If so, you are sure to be captivated with the templates from Colorful. The eye-catching designs in bright colors are the perfect choice for bloggers and businesses dealing with fashion, food, lifestyle, etc. The pack includes 25 Photoshop files and 25 jpeg files with customizable fonts and colors.

Brushly Social Media Pack

The pack provides 60 multi-purpose design templates that can be used on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The designs can be changed to create your own brand identity.

Alium Social Media Pack

The pack contains 25 design templates. Each template is created in three formats: horizontal, square, and vertical. So, it is the perfect choice to use on all social media platforms. The files are fully layered and are easy to customize.

Palette Social Media Kit

The kit contains 20 templates in square format. The designs are specially created for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can make changes in color, text, and images to fit your needs and post in a jiffy.

Empathy Social Media Kit

Do you want to make your posts vibrant and striking? Do you want your posts to be liked, shared, and retweeted? These 21 stunning templates from Empathy are sure to make your posts noticed.

There are many more tools to help you to make your social media posts go viral like free intro maker no watermark. Explore the different options and make your presence felt in social media. It’s time to go social. Get started and target your audience with your visually appealing and capturing content!