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Boons and Banes of Custom-made Engagement Rings

The quest for a perfect engagement ring is a lot of consideration and careful decision-making. From design to metal and gem, everything calls for a great amount of brainstorming before you can narrow down your options. While the pink diamonds for sale in Australia are favored among contemporary couples and ease the choice of the gem, many still struggle to find the right design.

With the rise in the demand for extensive customization, custom-made engagement rings are gaining popularity. Although it is a rising trend, it is always a good idea to weigh its pros and cons before diving into the process. Here’s a look at both sides of the coin to help you make a more informed and pragmatic decision.

The goods of designing your own ring

  • Your ring will be one of its kind

The engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry but also an expression of your emotions towards your significant other. This is why the engagement ring is worn on your left hand. Getting it custom-designed is a way to convey that your partner is unmatched and indispensable for you. Knowing that the ring is exclusively designed makes it more special.

  • Quality is assured

When you buy a ring off-the-shelve, it is mostly mass-produced and may or may not adhere to your quality standards. But when your ring is specifically to meet your requirements, its quality is assured. Also, it is most likely be designed by local craftsmen which allows you to keep an eye on quality.

  • You participate in the entire making process

Custome-made engagement rings allow you to be a part of the whole making process. It gives you greater control over the process and the final product. You can ask for revisions in the design at the early stages to get the exact ring that you envisioned.

  • You get a fully and perfectly customized ring

Mass-produced rings give you only a handful of options for customizations. Get your partner’s initials engraved for instance. However, with custom-made rings, you get to pick the metal, gem, design, style, and everything to suit your preferences. For a bespoke ring to your liking, you can work with designers like Larsen Jewellery to make your engagement ring dreams a reality.

The downside of custom-made rings

  • You have to have prior knowledge

Designing an engagement ring calls for a good understanding of jewelry making which does not come naturally for many people. You need to know about gemstones, their combination with metals, settings, styles, and more. However, teaming up with an experienced jeweler can make things easier for you.

  • It takes more time

If you are looking for a ring last minute, bespoke rings are not for you. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the ring, it can take several weeks. While the time vary based on your vendor and the intricacy of the design, it can be anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks.

  • Price is a fluctuating factor

Custom-designed jewelry is often a bit more expensive as compared to the off-the-shelves pieces as it is designed exclusively. The cost would vary according to the material and design you choose. You have to weigh your budget before going for such unique pieces.

  • Is uniqueness really guaranteed?

Millions of designs and styles of engagement rings have already been created and are flooding the market. Before you start with your custom-made ring, make sure your design is really unique and is not a recreation of an already existing one.