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5 Tips for Shopping for Men’s Casual Shorts

In the past, shorts were only worn by children and athletes. Today, mens casual shorts by Blazer Clothing are an acceptable form of casual wear for men. You can still dress down in style by following these five tips when shopping for your next pair of shorts:

  • Choose the Right Style for You

When you’re shopping for casual shorts, you have several options to choose from. Your first decision is whether you want to wear flat-front shorts or pleated shorts. Pleated shorts give you a little more room and comfort than flat-front styles do. However, if you want a sleek look that slims your profile and makes your legs look longer, choose flat-fronts instead.

  • Select the Correct Length

The general rule is that your shorts should be no shorter than two inches above your knee. If you go any shorter, it can make your legs look stumpy. You also want to avoid wearing shorts that are too long because this will make you look sloppy and dated. Try on several different lengths to see which ones flatter your particular body type best before making a purchase.

  • Check the fabric

Wearing shorts made out of thick, heavy material during the summer is basically torture. You might as well just put on a pair of sweatpants if you want to feel that sweaty and overheated. Instead, look for lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton that will keep you cool no matter what the temperature is outside.

  • Avoid cargo shorts

There was a time when cargo shorts were all the rage — and then they weren’t anymore. If you don’t want to look like a tourist while traveling in Europe this summer, avoid this style at all costs!

  • Know your options

The variety of shorts styles and materials can be overwhelming. The first step in choosing a pair of shorts is to know your options. Here are some of the most common materials used for casual men’s shorts:

Cotton. Cotton is by far the most common material used in men’s casual shorts. It’s breathable, durable and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for warm weather.

Linen. Linen has long been a popular fabric for menswear, especially suits and pants. It’s also used frequently in men’s casual shorts because it looks crisp and cool, even on hot afternoons.

Nylon/polyester blends. These synthetic materials are often combined with cotton or linen to make them stronger or easier to care for at home.

  • Choose a style that suits your body type

There are several different styles of shorts available on the market today. Some of these styles include board shorts, cut-off jeans and cargo pants. Each style has its own characteristic features that make them suitable for certain body types and occasions. For example, cargo pants are perfect for those with a larger butt and thighs as they allow more room at the top. On the other hand, board shorts are ideal for those with a smaller waistline and toned upper body because they have an elastic waistband that provides support to the hips and buttocks.

  • Length

You may have heard that there is an ideal length for shorts based on height, but we strongly disagree with this idea. Everyone has their personal preference regarding how long they want their shorts to be, and it’s usually just a matter of comfort and style. However, there are some general rules about the appropriateness of certain lengths in different settings. For example, if you’re on vacation at the beach (or going for a run) then it’s perfectly fine to wear very short running shorts — but these aren’t appropriate for work or school (unless you’re an elementary school PE teacher).