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4 Types of Gambling Personalities You See in Every Casino

The gambling business is an impactful one.

In the U.S., gambling contributes nearly $140 billion to the economy each year. The size of the online gambling industry reaches an astounding $45.8 billion per year. And the industry supplies a whopping 730,000+ people with jobs.

One of the best examples of online casino is

Despite its various laws and restrictions, gambling is a go-to for many an American—and that’s not even including the rest of the globe.

So, whether you’re a newbie or a connoisseur, you’ll love reading about the different types of gambling personalities you’re bound to run into at the casino. We’ve compiled a list of four distinct characters—and you might even be one of them!

Of course, these are just a few of the many frameworks, but they offer interesting insight. Keep reading!

1. The Strategy Shark

The strategic gambler is one that often appears at the casino, but not enough to be labeled a problem gambler.

They’re careful about placing their bets, and they seriously hedge their wins and losses. In fact, they’ll likely take a win or a loss to heart, getting super excited or super let down.

The strategy shark is serious and smart, but not a professional. They also won’t go into debt for the hobby, despite their love for it. This is one of the significant traits that separate them from number four.

2. The Social Better

This gambler loves to visit the casino with a group of friends, typically later in the evening and a few drinks in.

They don’t care much whether they make or lose money—they don’t consider their odds very well. In fact, the primary point of going to the casino is to have fun.

They’ll spend a pretty penny, but not enough to put a dent in their bank account. And they’ll drink up all the free drinks.

3. The Conservative Professional

These are the gambling types who have turned their passion into a paycheck—no need to count cards.

Professionals rely on gambling as their primary source of income. They love to play strategic games like Poker, in which they only have to be better than the competition. They’re careful and calculated, but they know that significant risks can sometimes equal big rewards.

To win big here, you’ll need to shark out not-so-good players, as the casino takes a cut from any hand you win.

4. The Compulsive Gambler

The compulsive gambler comes to the casino as a form of escapism.

Perhaps they’ve had a stressful day at work, or their home life isn’t as exciting as a big win. Regardless, their hobby has turned into a little more than, and they may walk out of the casino empty-handed—and perhaps without their car or house keys.

Problem gamblers are rare, but they exist. If you or a friend find yourself becoming obsessed with gambling, reach out for help.

Do You Fall Into One of These Types of Gambling Personalities?

Which gambling personality do you have? Are you an outside-the-box gambler?

Whatever you are, you’re contributing to a thriving industry. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Now that you know the significant types of gambling personalities you can expect, keep scrolling our page for more exciting insight into the world around you.

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