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3 Ways Homeowners Can Prevent Flooding (and Save Money on Damages!)

Are you a new homeowner, or a seasoned homeowner who’s new to living in a flood-prone area?

Either way, knowing how to prevent flooding is crucial. Floods result in expensive damage so flood prevention saves you a lot of money.

But how do you do it? We’re here to help. Keep reading for our top flood prevention tips (and for what you should do to protect your wallet as well).

1. Improve Drainage

Having better drainage around your home can help prevent water from coming indoors and causing damage. There are a few ways to do this.

Next time it rains, look for the areas that are collecting water. This is where you should focus your efforts.

First, make sure that any drainage areas are cleared out. If there’s a drainage pipe where the water is gathering, get it unclogged. This should fix the problem.

If a drainage pipe isn’t the issue, make sure that there’s a downslope away from your home. When your home is at the lowest point, water will drift towards it. Use sod and stones and bring your garden just above the bottom of your outdoor walls. This should help.

2. Seal Your Basement

Basements are prone to flooding because they’re below surface level. Sealing your basement windows is a great way to prevent water from seeping in.

This is also a good time to check for any cracks in the walls. If you find them, make sure to use caulk to cover them up. Water can seep in from the saturated ground around the basement.

3. Install a Flood Detection System

If you’re still concerned, a floor detection system never hurts. Some higher-end security systems or smart home systems come equipped with flood detection.

This system sends off an alarm as soon as it notices water somewhere that it shouldn’t be. When you’re alerted to the problem early-on you can address it before it causes serious damage.

When you have it attached to a security system you also get the benefit of a home that feels safe and secure.

So What If Damage Happens Anyway?

There’s no foolproof method of protecting your home from flood damage. If there’s a serious flood from an unexpected storm and your home is placed low, there’s likely to be some kind of flooding indoors.

This is when it’s a good idea to have flood insurance. Most standard home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Many people aren’t aware of this and that means they get surprise expenses in the event of a flood.

Get ahead of this problem. You can find great insurance options at so you know that you’re protected.

Prevent Flooding Today

Taking the proper steps to prevent flooding can be the difference between a safe and dry home and an expensive disaster. Use our flood prevention tips to keep your home safe.

When in doubt, get flood insurance as extra protection. When a storm hits, you’ll be grateful that you did.

For more home and garden tips that can help you improve your living space, visit the rest of our site!

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