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12 Clever Small Bathroom Storage Ideas over Toilet

Are you looking for small bathroom storage ideas over toilet? Adding storage space in the bathroom, you can maximize the space of your home, no matter how big or small it is. And after all, organizing this area will open up for plenty of space that you might not have imagined before. In the following, we’re highlighting clever and unique bathroom storage ideas that you might want to implement for yourself.

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Genius Small Bathroom Storage Ideas over Toilet

The following are some storage space ideas that will make your bathroom looking more spacious and cozier. If you’re ready, let us begin.

Floating shelves

These shelves look and feel cool especially if you would choose adding them above your tall toilet. You can use them in keeping your bathroom basics and accessories. For the best results and maximized space, use fixed and open shelves over your toilet.

Rope hanging shelves

The charm of these shelves is not to be underestimated! If you want to bring out some of your creativity, you can make one that made out of old wood for that rustic appeal.

Ladder storage

If you’re looking for an over the toilet storage idea, you should not miss this one especially for an added height to the space. Ladder storage is a great way to add an illusion of space to the bathroom, too. It can be used in hanging towels and other bath accessories.

Storage cabinets over the toilet

Utilize your space wisely by adding cabinets over the toilet. To make them looking even more decorative and stylish, you might want to add a windowpane glass fronts that will keep your bathroom essentials.

Metal wire shelves

They are simple, easy and cozy! You can use these shelves in storing your bathroom essentials and additional bathroom supplies.

Repurposed wooden crate shelves

Do you have wooden crates? If you do, you can use them to create uniquely recycled crates as a shelf to reflect that country style home and bathroom.

Wire baskets to store towels

Another over the toilet bathroom idea is to use wire baskets where to put your towels. This element will add not just organization but also easy accessibility for these towels in your bathroom.

Hanging baskets

If you’re concerned of your budget, you shouldn’t! One of the best small bathroom storage ideas over toilet is adding hanging baskets where you can store fabric conditioners, shampoos, conditioners and body washes. All you have to do in this DIY project is to tie or hang them in a towel bar. Use multiple baskets of different sizes for more storage.

Freestanding shelf over the toilet

A good freestanding shelf is a great bathroom storage solution because it allows for easy access of content that will eventually save you the effort and time from looking for what you need.

Hanging shelf organizers and baskets

Roped or wired baskets just over the toilet is one of the simplest ways of adding storage to your bathroom. You can use them in organizing and keeping washcloths. For an even more innovative solution, you can use a hanging shelf attached just on top of the baskets. You can use them in organizing bath essentials, such as washes.

More shelves and bins

These are simple organization accessories that will help create additional bathroom storage. You just have to use small bins, each with a label, for your makeup, bathroom essentials and toiletries. You can use as many depending on your needs.

Open-shelve cabinets

Another cool bathroom storage solution, these cabinets can make your bathroom looking more attractive and cozier. To do it, you can choose adding an open cabinet just above the wall of your toilet.

Multiple-tiered bamboo shelf

Do you want to add some freshness and eco-friendly features in your bathroom? Use this over the toilet bathroom storage! You can get this bamboo shelf in some marketplaces and install it easily. With it, you can create a more elegant bathroom space of which you will be proud.

Definitely, these clever and unique storage solutions over the toilet will add appeal and space to your bathroom. Which among these small bathroom storage ideas over toilet do you feel like using? Tell us in the comments! If you love this article, share it on social media today!