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10 Tips to Ace Nursing Job Interview

Be it materialistic gains or the aesthetic pleasure that one gets by serving others. Nursing has everything covered for you. Not to mention the amount of respect, which is a direct byproduct of becoming a nurse. After reading these privileges, you should not be surprised why this profession is extremely competitive.

So, it is a must to be well-equipped with all the necessary skills. However, the dilemma with nursing is that many people do not get hired despite being talented. It happens when your job interview does not really stand out and fails to communicate your expertise across.

If you are confronting a similar challenge, you have stumbled upon the right place. The following tips will turn you into a polished interviewee:

Get thorough information about the respective organization

When a job vacancy is made public, many candidates show up for the interview. But many applicants have a non-serious attitude towards the job. A smart interviewer would be well-aware of this fact. And he would try to filter them out by asking questions about the organization.

So, make sure you do prior research and come to terms with some details about the hospital.

Since almost every hospital has an online presence today, you will not have a hard time to unearth information. Knowing the following factors is critical:

  • Mission
  • Top members of the management team, such as CEO or president.
  • Experience
  • Policies
  • Recent and upcoming developments
  • Scale of funding

Prepare yourself for general questions

Just like every other industry, nurses are asked general questions during the interview. The questionnaire could include queries such as:

  • Apart from your qualification of obtaining nursing certificates online, what makes you a fitting candidate for this job?
  • Do you have any idea where you would be after five years?
  • How will you deal with a patient who constantly complains about one thing or the other?
  • Why you chose a nursing career?

The questions could vary, but they will be along these lines. So, you can always figure out the related stuff you should prepare for.

Show up on time

As a nurse, one of your core duties will be to ensure that every patient under your watch takes medicines on time. Because sometimes the delay of even a few minutes may complicate the patient’s health.

It is important to consider all the factors, including the traffic jam, signals, and distance of the hospital before heading out for the interview. The right calculation of these elements will help you to reach out in time.

Be honest

There is no point in lying about qualifications, experience, etc. during the interview. Indeed, the idea of boasting the resume is indeed enticing but not practical at all. The reason being, you will be exposed eventually. It would be naïve of you to expect that the interview penal will readily believe your words. More often than not, your social media accounts will be given a thorough run down before showing final thumbs up. If you somehow manage to escape this scrutiny, the lies will come to light not long after you jumpstart the professional journey.

Pay attention to dressing

There are many professions where dressing makes little to no difference. You can wear pretty much anything that you can lay your hand upon in the closet, but nursing does not fall into that long list. Thus, your dressing will be viewed critically by the interview penal.

For men, a decent suit will do the job very nicely while women should opt for a skirt, blouse, and jacket. It will not be a bad option to dive into the dress code of the institute and stick to that.

Improve body language

Body language can literally make a break or break it for you. Luckily, pulling off positive and confident body language is not a tough nut to crack. You need to keep a couple of things in mind:

Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. But remember, if you overdo, it will turn into staring.

Refrain from waffling. It is a tell-tale sign of the candidate falling short of preparation.

Do not forget to bring the resume

Though you might have sent your resume through an online channel, the interviewer would still ask you to bring a hard copy of your updated resume. This is a symbolic way to measure how responsible an applicant is.

Ask questions

On the surface, this might sound a little absurd, but as we told that the interviewer always does the questioning. Well, it might have been true in the past, but not anymore. The best time to toss-up questions is when the interview is coming towards the end. Be it the matter of overtime, salary, hospital culture or responsibilities, do not hesitate to ward off the confusion upfront.

Do not rush

In many industries, the pattern of viva uses in an interview. But a nurse’s interview is a different deal altogether. It is more of a conversation than a question-answer session. Since nursing is a broad field, you totally can take your time to recall stuff and compile proper answers.

Try a mock interview

When it comes to nursing, opportunities do not frequently knock the door. Broadly put, if you do not nail an interview, the next interview call might keep you on the standby for months. You can avoid that situation by discovering and then rectifying the lapses after going through a mock interview. It is mandatory that the person taking the mock interview must be unbiased.


Nurses have a lot of responsibilities. That is precisely why the hospitals examine every single aspect of their personality with eagle eyes during the interview. Guess what, it will be smooth sailing if you religiously follow the above-said tips.

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