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10 things you should know before buying curly wigs


If you are a wig novice, then you will definitely have some doubts when buying a wig. Because there are so many secrets and knowledge about wigs. If you accidentally pick a wig that doesn’t fit you, your wig experience could turn out to be bad. As a very popular wig, curly wigs are very suitable for beginners. Because it has no requirements on your face shape and skin tone, and is suitable for women of any age. However, there are a few things you should know about curly wig before buying it. Continue reading this article, I will give you 6 little knowledge about curly wig.

Curly wigs require more maintenance than straight wigs

Straight wigs usually have more complete cuticles than curly wigs. Therefore, straight wigs tend to be smoother and easier to maintain than curly wigs. On the contrary, when you buy a curly hair wig, you should pay more attention to maintenance. Avoid unreasonable, excessive use of curly wigs as much as possible. Regular maintenance and maintenance of curly hair wigs can effectively prolong the service life of curly hair wigs.

Deep wave wig is a great curly wig

Deep wave wig is a very popular wig. This wig is actually one of the curly wigs. Because the style is very unique and well-received by consumers, it is also distinguished from the general curly hair wig. Deep wave wigs usually have a regular aesthetic. Its waves can give you a very special look.

Water wave hair is often more suitable for women who like small curly hair

Water wave hair style is a curly hair style that is different from deep wave style. Compared with the regular and neat deep wave style, the water wave style is more like a natural wave. Its waves look almost irregular and never get boring. Compared with ordinary curly wigs, the curl of water wave wigs is smaller. It is more suitable for women who like small curly hair.

Wet and wavy wig makes it easier to switch between straight and curly hair

Wet and wavy wig is a special curly wig. This curly wig is mostly curly hair style. You can use a straightener to straighten the wet and wavy wig if you need to. After straightening the wet and wavy wig, if you need it to regain its curl, you just need to let it get wet. Compared to regular curly wigs, it does not require the help of elastin to restore the appearance of curls. Just wet the wet and wavy wig and it will curl again. That’s what makes wet and wavy wig unique. This saves the time and financial cost of maintaining the curl of the wig for many people.

You should buy curly wigs with higher human hair content whenever possible

Usually, the packaging of each wig will indicate what the raw material of the wig is. Generally speaking, the materials of wigs are divided into animal hair wigs, chemical fiber wigs, and human hair wigs. The higher the content of human hair wigs, the more expensive the wigs will be. The higher the proportion of human hair, the longer the wig will last. If you buy 100% synthetic hair, then you shouldn’t expect too much from this wig. If possible, I recommend buying wigs with a high human hair content. This will give you a better wig experience.

Use mousse or oil for a moist look

People generally prefer wet curly hair styling. If you need to make your curls look moist and shiny, then you can use a hair oil or mousse. Normally, I would recommend using argan oil or coconut oil to keep the wig shiny. Because this type of oil will have a stronger protective effect on curly wig.