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Tips To Detect Bed Bugs Infestation.

To get rid of bedbugs in your home, you must be able to tell whether what you have are bed bugs or other insects. So, how do you identify a bedbug? Bed bugs don’t cause diseases; they only create a nuisance and can embarrass you. They live and survive on the blood of animals and humans. When they are small, they are nymphs, of just one millimeter. To identify an adult bedbug, you’ll find an insect with a flat body.

They’re usually the size of an apple seed. When bed bugs have enough blood meal, their color and size will change. Their bodies will be swollen, and their color will turn reddish. Therefore, if you see an insect that looks like this, it’s likely a bedbug. Also, bugs are fast in movement over floors, ceilings, and walls.

Once you find out you have these insects in your home, you may want to hire Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto to help you out.

So if you have doubts about you having a bedbug infestation in your home or office, before you call on a bed bug exterminator, you can do some simple Inspection yourself. The following are ways to detect bed bugs infestation:

Were You Bitten?

Bedbugs bites are like mosquito bites. They are characterized by leaving red spots with more or less intense itching. Often, people use to mistaken the bite of a bedbug for that of a mosquito. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs don’t fly nor make a buzzing sound; hence, you need to pay more attention to find them. The itching sensation is not enough to detect a bedbugs infestation, but it is a step forward. You need to consider other things as well, just continue reading down the lines.

Check Places In The Shade

Bed bugs don’t move around in open spaces where there’s light. They instead hide in dark places. These places include: the back of the wallpaper, opened outlets of wall sockets, mattresses, bedsheets, clothes in laundry baskets, rugs, under carpets, cracked parts of your bed, curtains, and corners in your room. If, after your search, you found ants with the places described above, that may be an indication that bed bugs have infested your home. Since you now know how to identify them yourself, you should check out the likely places where they can hide.

Are There Spots Or Traces Of Blood?

If you find bloodstains in your bed sheet, it may be an indication of bedbugs. Like mosquitoes, bugs often excrete leftover old blood meals in their stomach so that they can have a new blood meal. Therefore, if you find bloodstain in your bed sheet or other parts where bed bugs hide, you may be looking at a bed bugs infestation in your home.

You Find Their Fecal Spots

If you search your home and you find bed bugs fecal spots around the corner of your room or other parts where they’re hidden, you may be having a bed bugs infestation in your home. Their poops look like clusters of tiny spots. It consists of digested blood. If you find this poop when they’re still fresh, they’ll look reddish. On the other hand, if you find them once they dry, they won’t be Red anymore; instead, they will look dark. A dried bed bugs poop will look black or rust-colored. They’re so tiny like the size of the dot from a marker.

You Smell Offensive, Musty Odor In Your Room

Bedbugs glands produce a musty odor that smells like coriander. The smell can be irritating. If bed bugs infest your home, you may begin to notice your rooms smelling like wet, moldy clothes or moldy shoes. When you start to have this kind of odor, the next thing you need is to check around for other signs of bed bugs infestation. If you search the right places, not only will you find traces, you’ll also find the bedbugs themselves where they’re hidden.

You Find Shed bed bugs Shells Or Casings.

If you find a group of bedbugs shells or casings in your home, it may be an indication of a bad infestation. Identifying these shells and casing is simple. The shedding looks so much like a real bedbug that is immobile. However, unlike a real bedbug, the shell doesn’t have complete body parts with legs, proboscis, and antenna. It is also translucent in color. You can roughly suggest how severe the bedbugs infestation in your home is by seeing the number of shells.

These are the simple ways of detecting bed bugs infestation.

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