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The 2020 Bathroom Design Trends

The beginning of a new century brings many new trends, so it’s a perfect time for a renovation. Of course, many of us can’t tackle a full renovation right away, and the bathroom is always the perfect place to start – it being a place many consider their personal oasis.

Inspiration is a great part of a bathroom remodel and this is the very reason we’ve made this list of up-to-date bathroom design trends. We hope it will spark your creativity and prepare your bathroom for the coming decade.

A Relaxation Sanctuary

You’ll see there’s more than one style to choose from, but the first step in 2020 is to say goodbye to messy and cramped cabinet spaces. The trend which paves the way for all others is to minimize storage space and therefore display a more efficient and simpler way of life.

The goal is to promote minimalist habits by presenting shelves, cabinets, and compacted storage areas in a simplified manner. Creating the bathroom which feels more organized and open isn’t difficult. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DYI renovation guides & tutorials on YouTube are more popular than ever and offer a huge amount of inspiration and know-how. There are a lot of options to choose from – vanity storage, hidden cabinets, wall shelving, etc.

Organized space automatically means less stress. Even if the rest of your home doesn’t follow this minimalist style, in a relaxation sanctuary such as your bathroom, it is mandatory.

Splash Away or Soak in

Open showers have been here for a while, but now their combination of convenience and increased space has finally established them as a mainstream trend. 2020 takes them one step further, replacing the central drain with a narrow line either tucked into the wall or along the floor. As the floor slopes toward that line, it is a perfect way to hide the drain and make the bathroom look more elegant.

Although tubs were banished for a while from the master bathroom, 2020 is the year when they’re making a comeback. Bigger bathtubs offer more relaxation as places to wind down after a day’s work. On top of that, opting for a free-standing tub will provide the bathroom with a modern sculptural feel that can be the centerpiece of the room.

If you don’t have enough space for a large free-standing tub you can still have the ultimate spa experience with Japanese soaking tubs known as Ofuro. They’re smaller than standard tubs but are also deeper, taking less space while allowing you to effortlessly soak in and relax. They have a bench seat and come in various finish options. This unique look, together with the fact they use less water, is what made them a rising trend.

Go Dark

Darker tones for the bathroom have been slowly gaining popularity since 2018. Grey ruled the bathroom remodeling projects in 2018 and 2019, but this season you want to it to be darker and bolder – meaning black. This rising trend has gained much popularity, mostly with matte finishes, taking over mirrors, vanities, lights, and other fixtures.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that gray is completely out of the game. For those who are tired of neutral or classic white colors but hesitate to add the boldness of black, gray will remain as a top choice in this transition.

Gold Rush Revisited

Those who want to keep lighter colors will have to say goodbye to the shiny polished and traditional chrome fixtures which convey a sleek, modern, and cool feel. 2020 is the time to revisit the gold rush when it comes to fixtures and combine them with some warmer accents. Gold-toned fixtures now come in finish options such as spun gold, matte, or satin, which make a subtle change towards vintage and traditional.

Gold is not only back, but shades of it seem to be everywhere, from toilets to sinks. While old brass faucets spell ʽgrandma & grandpaʼ, this new trend of warm-toned gold plumbing fixtures adds a perfect element of luxury, dimension, and depth. It looks amazing in a large variety of style settings, which is the main reason for this golden comeback.

Funky Shapes

2020 offers another way to make a great impact without a big color change – with the use of tiles. As we’re saying goodbye to rectangle subway tiles, the funkier shapes are starting to take center stage: chevron patters, Moroccan fish scales, scallops, diamond, hexagon, arabesque, etc. Besides the great variety of shapes to choose from, you can also combine them with a variety of patterns.

This is enough to make an impact, but you can go even further. There’s no reason why these eye-candy tiles should only grace the floor. Use them to create ceiling accents, shower walls, and bathroom backsplashes. The diversity of options available make this trend of funky tile shapes one of the best and easiest ways to liven up your bathroom quickly.

As you can see, bathroom design trends in 2020 are moving towards personalized day spas – it’s all about spaciousness, relaxation, and convenience. The last step lies in new technologies that have finally arrived in our bathrooms. Japan introduced high-tech toilets in 2018, but today the upgrade possibilities are even greater. While this is a more expensive step that some might find difficult to employ right away, trends on this list are the perfect preparation for the fast-approaching future.