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How to Choose Earrings That Flatter Your Face

Facial features are among the first that is noticed about a person. Choosing the right accessories that flatter your face is very important for your final look. Earrings in general help accentuate face features; sculpting it to look longer, rounder, or even slimmer. Finding out your face shape is crucial before embarking on buying earrings for any occasion.

Round shaped face

Round-faced individuals are widest at the cheekbones with no tapering on the chin area. For this face shape, long, drop, and dangling earrings will make your face look slimmer and tapered. Steer away from large hoops, buttons, and generally circular earrings which will make your face look even rounder. Numerous styles are made to complement your face and you can find these on

Oval shaped face

For individuals with oval-shaped faces, any style and shape of earrings work marvelously. However, triangular and simple stud earrings flatter this shape the most. From gold earrings to silver, diamonds, or even Fabric earrings, oval faces are easily complemented. You can buy quality and sturdy gold earrings from

Square shaped face

Square faces can be challenging because of the wide forehead and jawline. However, these features can be softened with a great choice of earrings. Square faces have the flexibility for rounded shapes, hoops, exaggerated shapes, and dangles. Avoid buying earrings with angular edges. Studs and small-sized earrings will also not do to face justice.

Oblong shaped face

Oblong faces are narrow and longer than they are wide and require earrings that accentuate the width that is already there. Playful earring shapes give the illusion of higher cheekbones. Button and stud earrings are also a great choice as well as large hoops for bold looks.

Other great choices include dangle gold earrings and clusters pieces. This gives volume to your face making it look a lot wider than it is.

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Diamond-shaped face

Diamond-shaped faces are characterized by extreme angles; narrow forehead and chin with wide cheeks and it needs balancing. If looking to be simple and elegant, small gold earrings, pearls, and studs are the way to go. If looking for length and boldness, there are a few choices for you. Teardrop-shaped pieces as well as dangling earrings do a great job balancing this shape of the face. Look for earrings that have both some length and volume when planning to buy earrings.

Heart-shaped face

Characterized by a wide forehead, strong cheekbones, and a tapered chin, this classically shaped face is quite diverse in styling. Other than angular and triangle-shaped earrings, all other styles of earrings flatter this shape quite well. There are no shortage of hoops, studs or even chandelier style gold earrings on for you to choose from if you have a heart-shaped face. Experiment with all styles available because you have a lot of choices.

Inverted triangle face

This face shape is quite close to the heart-shaped. However, they differ in that this shape of face has strong angular features. For this reason, more rounded earrings bring balance to the face. When buying earrings, look for ones with wider bottoms such as modest hoops or small teardrop shapes. Being extravagant and to bold with this face shape can work against you so it is best to stay modest.

Knowing your face shape will go a long way in assisting you to accessorize with earrings that best flatter your face. Your outfit and jewelry should always work to bring forth the best of your features. Find out your face shape and shop for earrings confidently to suit your style.