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4 Routine Habits That Can Ruin Your Health in The Long Run

Maintaining your overall well-being is crucial for living a healthy and happy life. But your habits might be getting in your way of achieving such a life. Whether you’re aware of them or not, we all have routine practices that negatively affect our lives. While some of them may not have a significant impact on us, there may be several of them that damage our health. Alarmingly, the effects of such habits can cling to us for years, leading to dangerous consequences in the long run. 

You may feel healthy following routinely bad habits for now. However, the future might be as promising for you as you expect. Therefore, you must eliminate your bad habits and make space for healthy habits for improved wellness and happy living. To help you with this purpose, here are four routine habits that can ruin your health in the long run.

Drinking and smoking

We all know drinking and smoking are damaging habits. However, most people believe that such practices are only harmful if they’re performed excessively. But you should know that regardless of your frequency of drinking or smoking, it will always negatively affect your health, leading to long-term issues. For example, those who consider themselves light smokers risk developing cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, and cataracts, among several other problems. On the other hand, moderate alcohol consumption often leads to cancer, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases later in life. So, if even the slightest part of your daily life is spent drinking or smoking, it’s time for you to change your habits.

However, this is easier said than done. After all, alcohol and nicotine can be quite addictive, making it challenging for people to get rid of such habits. However, with professional help, many are able to overcome their addictions and return to a healthy living once again. So, if you find yourself to be addicted, don’t hesitate to reach out to medical professionals. The can help you eliminate your worst habits and allow you to live a happy life.

Staying up late at night

People often delay their bedtimes by a few hours to be slightly more productive or find some entertainment. While you may think such a habit leads to better use of time, it only leads to a lack of sleep, which can be detrimental to your health. Every 1 in 3 people suffers from sleep deprivation. Staying up late before bed will not only ruin your sleeping schedule day by day, but it will also cause you trouble while trying to sleep. Those who stay active immediately before bed tend to find it more challenging to fall asleep. 

As a result, you will develop a lack of sleep over time that will negatively affect your health. One of the most significant effects of a lack of sleep is poor cognitive function. Sleep-deprived individuals demonstrate a lack of memory, decision-making skills, and poor problem-solving. Additionally, not getting enough sleep has also been linked to depression. So, if you want to avoid mental issues in the long run, ensure to avoid staying up late next time. A viable way to get the right amount of rest is to sleep early and wake up early as well. 

Not drinking enough water

Water is used in nearly every process and is an essential fluid inside your body. It’s safe to say it’s one of the most important needs of our bodies. Despite knowing this, many of us are not drinking enough water, developing several harmful consequences in the long term. As water is used excessively in the brain, you might suffer a faster mental decline by staying dehydrated. But mental issues are not the only harm of dehydration. People who tend to drink low amounts of water have an increased chance of suffering stroke and heart failure due to thicker blood. 

Moreover, you might also notice a lack of energy and strength over time if you follow a routine with low water usage. One of the most significant effects of a lack of water is rapid aging, as your skin begins to crack and wrinkles start to appear. But you have plenty of time to avoid such consequences by keeping yourself hydrated.

Excessive use of social media

Unarguably, social media is one of the most beneficial outcomes of modern technology. It provides limitless information to us and keeps people connected. However, excessive use of anything can have harmful consequences – which is true for social media. While it may seem to be counterintuitive, excessive use of social media can induce feelings of loneliness and isolation, according to studies. Consequently, those excessively using social media can develop depression and anxiety, as they feel isolated. Such issues can further lead to physical health problems, as the body is vulnerable to a failing mind.

Additionally, social media can often cause feelings of envy in several people, further boosting the risk of developing depression. So, instead of completely relying on social media to interact with people, opt for a lifestyle with a balance between online and in-person interaction. 


No matter how many healthy habits you follow, you won’t maintain a healthy lifestyle without eliminating bad habits from your routine. Indeed, getting rid of practices that have stuck with you for years can be a hard task. But know that some of these habits may be significantly degrading your health in the long run. The effort you put in to follow a healthy lifestyle will ultimately lead to a happy life. So, remember the harmful habits mentioned above and avoid them at all costs.

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