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Beach wedding

Tie The Knot With Perfection: 9 Pro Tips For A Beach Wedding In Florida!

Imagine exchanging vows amidst the rhythmic hum of waves, the subtle breeze, and sandy toes!
One in every fourth couple in Florida dreams of getting hitched on a beach. As beautiful and dreamy as a traditional church ceremony, tying the knot on a sandy beaches at an exotic location is stunning.

While beach weddings are dreamy, they also require lots of careful planning to ensure that there won’t be any hitch in your seaside wedding. So, whether you are planning to get married on the beaches of northern Florida or anywhere else, here are the few things you should not miss:

A Private Ceremony Or Public:

 A Private Ceremony Or Public
Although all beaches are public and anyone can use them to tie the knot. But sometimes, the sun lovers or beachgoers get into space, being the uninvited guests. So, if you want some privacy, look for a private beach like asking a resort to reserve the beach area to let you host your event.

Food And Drink:

 Food And Drink
Nobody wants to gulp drinks and food that’s been in the blazing heat for hours. So, ask your wedding & event catering service to bring the menu that features temperature-related foods. Avoid anything that will melt swiftly. Also, you can make special decorations for the bar so that your guests don’t have to wait in the sweltering weather.

Consider The Bad Weather:

bad weather
Often seaside weddings take place in the warm waters, but the tropical weddings call for scorching sun and sweltering heat. If this is your time to get married, schedule your wedding late afternoon or in the morning to avoid the heat. Also, discuss with your catering service to make arrangements in a way so that there would be enough shade.

Keep Guests In Mind:

Guests In Mind
Although a few-mile walk to the ocean side may look dreamy and you have been planning for this since long, but does everyone love walking the trek? So, when choosing the destination, keep your guests in mind. Don’t forget your five-year-old cousin or your wobbly grandmother.

The Length Of The Ceremony:

Length Of The Ceremony for beach wedding
Being on the beach for long hours take people away from bathrooms, shade and other things. Even if you make arrangements for shade, water and restroom, you don’t want your guest to be in the ceremony standing or sitting in the sun or heat for a longer time.

Beach Décor:

beach decore
If you are planning to have lush flowers, candles, and danglers, think over! They are not ideal for a beach wedding. So, pick up the things that will stand the unexpected guests. If you are incorporating flowers, pick the one that can handle tropical weather like calla lilies, king Protea or orchids. You can also include décor with seashells, fruits or other nautical objects.


For sure, you want to enjoy the crashing sound of waves and the breeze; this can become a bit noisy if someone is saying something. Get a professional sound system and try to power it amidst the natural sound. Make sure you incorporate enough speakers and microphones to ensure that your guests don’t miss the wedding vows.

A Backup Plan:

 backup plan for beach wedding
Don’t miss the backup plan, as Mother Nature can change in a blink. Ask your wedding or event planner to make a plan for too windy/ rainy situations. Make arrangements after considering all these things to make your wedding a big hit.


Find out if you will need a license or permit to hold the wedding. Do proper research so that you won’t have to deal with any legal problems on your wedding day!
Beach weddings are indeed very dreamy! If you have the one, do consider above tips to have a rememberable day.