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How to Deal With Nervousness: Tips to Better Manage Anxiety and Stress

Whether you’ve been officially diagnosed with anxiety or you just experience stress from time to time, how you deal with it can make a significant difference in your quality of life.

No matter what life may throw your way, it’s important to understand how to deal with nervousness in an effective manner to help you cope.

Read on for a few tips that can teach you how to manage and live with the effects of stress and anxiety for a healthier, happier life.

Focus on the Present

One of the most common reasons people feel nervous is because they’re anxious and worried about the future. When you live for the here and now, you can focus on what’s happening at that exact moment rather than thinking about what could be.

Remember, no one can control their future and certain things are simply out of our control. When you’re mindful of the present, you can get through any task and easily transition throughout your day.

Try to use a few grounding techniques like deep breathing to help you stay focused. Slow down and close your eyes whenever you feel overwhelmed so you can stay here in the present moment.

Think about where you are, and whether or not you feel safe in your environment. If you do, it’s important to reel yourself back in and remember that you’re just fine for the here and now.

How to Deal with Nervousness Using the 3-3-3 Rule

One of the most effective ways to cope with feelings of nervousness and anxiety is to practice the 3-3-3 rule. This simple tactic can have a significantly positive impact on the way you deal with stress.

First, look around you and name three different things you can see in front of you. Next, do the same thing but name three different sounds you’re currently hearing.

The third part of the 3-3-3 rule is to move or touch three parts of your body. Move your ankles, fingers, and wrist or arm around to ground yourself and to remind yourself that you’re physically OK and fine. This is a highly effective grounding technique that can help your anxiety come to a screeching halt.

This simple trick can make your brain calm down, and it’s a great way to help you focus. You don’t have to say what you see and hear out loud if you’re around other people, either. Simply recite the three things you see and hear in your mind, and then focus on moving your body to complete the task.

Try Natural Relief

If you’re wondering how to deal with nervousness without prescription medication, there are plenty of safe and natural alternatives. Many people choose a variety of herbs to help calm their nerves.

CBD is an effective, natural way to calm those anxious nerves. Look for cbd anxiety products like gummies, teas, and tinctures that can make you feel calmer and more relaxed without harmful ingredients.

To supplement your stress-reduction plan, look for healthy herbal supplements like valerian root or ashwagandha. These herbs have shown to reduce stress levels and help you feel calm and relaxed. Just be aware that some of these products can make you sleepy, so only take them when it’s convenient.

If you’re currently taking other medications, talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement plan. Combine herbs with CBD to experience a calm, relaxing day and night. These natural remedies can also help you get restful, restorative sleep.

Practice Healthy Habits

A poor diet or too little exercise can often make feelings of nervousness worse. Do your best to practice healthy eating habits and make sure your diet is rich with protein, fruits, and a variety of vegetables.

Stay away from things like sugar and caffeine, particularly at night. These products are not just unhealthy, but they can also interrupt your sleep which can make stress and anxiety worse during the daytime.

One effective way to keep stress levels low is to make sure you’re getting enough fresh air and sunshine. Spending time in the sun can give your body a healthy dose of vitamin D, which is great for your immune system and your stress. If possible, try to walk outside with a friend a few times per week to stay active.

You don’t need to be on a strict diet or consider yourself a bodybuilder to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Start by making a few simple changes and over time, you can incorporate even more changes for a positive outcome. Simple activities to help with anxiety will make a huge difference as time goes on.

If you deal with frequent headaches, you could be dehydrated. Drink clean, cool water throughout the day to help cleanse your body and give you the level of hydration you need. While not all of these habits are a cure-all, they can definitely contribute to lower levels of stress.

Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

As you learn how to deal with nervousness, you’ll develop new anxiety coping tools that will help you get through every day easier. Do your best to release anxiety through exercise or by venting or talking with a friend.

Whether you need panic attack coping skills or just a few grounding techniques, try some of these tips to help you reduce your stress levels for a happier life.

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