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How Product Review Apps are Adding to the CRM Experience

Think of it this way, if you’re looking to find out more about a specific product, are you more likely to find out what you need to know from the business selling the product, the factory that created the product, or the customer that used the product? The answer to this one should be easy. If you’re hearing from the business itself, you’ll more than likely have your ear talked off in the attempts to bag a sale, and the manufacturer may not even care as much. Your best bet is to get your information from a customer that has nothing to gain from the possible sale.

What is CRM?

Before detailing how product review apps affect the CRM experience, here’s a quick breakdown of the term. CRM is the abbreviation for customer relationship management and it’s a strategy that businesses use to increase sales and profitability, improve customer service, build customer relationships, and to streamline the entire process.
When speaking about CRM, it is often referred to as a system or marketing tool that is used for productivity, sales management, contact management, and more. The aim of such as system is simple: to improve relationships and to meet and exceed customer expectations.

How Do Product Review Apps Help?

Product review apps are essentially independent entities that give you a sort of snapshot into real customer experiences with a specific product or service. If you’re looking to try a new product, but aren’t prepared to buy it yet, having a look at honest reviews is what would likely spur on your decision making process, because, well, they’re from real users and not the profit-seeking business itself.

Furthermore, it helps with the CRM experience as customers can approach a business already having an idea of what the product entails based on public opinion. So, this means less time answering questions, a reduction in churn, request for refunds, and so on. Thanks to product review apps, customers will know what they’re in for and as a result, a lot of time and money is saved on both the business’s side and from that of the customer’s.

These apps inversely affect customer relationships as a successful purchasing experience speaks volumes when it comes to customer opinion. This can also, however, have an adverse effect on a business if a product turns out to be anything other than what was advertised. But as a customer, it’s better to weed out businesses that aren’t entirely honest.

An example of product reviewing having success in the CRM experience is how online casinos often get reviewed and rated like the ComeOn betting review for instance. This allows potential customers to find out more about the site before risking any of their hard-earned cash.

How Businesses Can Use Reviews to Their Advantage?

As mentioned, a good and honest review often goes a long way with potential customers. It is for this reason that a business can offer incentives like discounts and coupons if they agree to review their purchased product. As long as the review is honest, both the business and potential customers can mutually benefit from this arrangement.