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What Exactly Makes HubSpot CRM Such a Popular Choice?

If you’re looking in HubSpot CRM, then you’re certainly considering an option that’s enjoyed by many. Offering a whole menagerie of options, it’s a platform that lets you try everything out for free first, with a range of tools and features that have a premium equivalent you can upgrade to.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of these features, to provide you with a clear idea of just how many ways it can help your business.

Everything In One Convenient Place

One of the great things about this CRM is the fact that it contains every possible tool you need to drive your business forwards and they’re available in one convenient place. Simplifying your marketing and enabling you to manage your prospects, nurture leads and more, HubSpot CRM makes everything easier – including analytics.

Allowing You to Track & Convert Leads

Every commercial enterprise out there needs new business to survive and this CRM makes light work of it. Leads are the green shoots of revenue on the horizon, meaning that they’re the lifeblood of any company. HubSpot offers a range of tools to help you generate new business, also allowing you to both track and convert those leads.

Integration Into Your Website

In addition to the variety of free features and options offered by this CRM, there’s a range of paid-for add-ons to be had e.g. website integration. What this allows for is notifications being sent when a prospective lead logs on to your website, permitting you to see which pages they viewed and how they behaved when navigating around.

This same feature can be used to let you know when old leads come back to you, empowering you to make contact and follow up via phone or email.

Real-time Updates & Customisation

Another winning feature of HubSpot CRM is that it offers a world of possibility when it comes to customisation. Enabling you to sell quicker and smarter, you can ensure that every touch point of your sales process has the same consistent branding.

What also shouldn’t be overlooked is that this CRM offers synchronized updates every 10 minutes, meaning that every member of your sales force is working with the most accurate and current info – key data indeed when reaching out.

Much That Can’t Be Ignored For Businesses

So, it’s clear for any business that HubSpot CRM offers everything you could possibly want to need and more. The very fact that you can try all these great features for free, means you can get out of the platform what you need to.

In the interest of balance, it’s important to say that there are other CRMs on the market that offer quite similar levels of functionality, however, not many are quite as all-inclusive as this one. We’ve gained this opinion by using it, not by working for the company and it’s one we stand by.

Research into the product and you’ll see, as we did, that the wealth of options available to you that are not just useful, but that can be harnessed simply, irrespective of aptitude or experience.

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