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What Are the Different Types of Water Filters That Exist Today?

Did you know that over half of Americans use a water filtration system to filter their tap water? The home water filtration industry is steadily growing and is expected to rise substantially over the next 5 years.

With this growing industry comes many options to provide you with safe drinking water. But choosing the best water filters out of the bunch isn’t always easy.

What are the best water filters and how do they work?

This guide will explain the types of water filters available today and ensure that you get clean and delicious water for yourself and your household.

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon water filters will remove up to 80 different contaminants and chemicals from your tap water. They remove large particles from your water by absorbing sediment.

Carbon filters are used in several different filtration systems and are often used on water faucets. Carbon filters usually require some degree of routine cleaning to prevent the buildup of organic matter.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems send water through a semi-permeable membrane. Contaminants and impurities are removed and drinking water is filtered to a separate tank.

This method is the most effective at filtering contaminants and is great for drinking and cooking. However, this system does take much longer than other systems and can also result in loss of pressure.

Ultraviolet Light Filters

These filters expose your water to ultraviolet radiation. This will destroy several types of bacteria.

Ultraviolet Light filters don’t require additional heat or chemicals to work. Although, they do require electricity so they must be near a power source.

Infrared Filters

Infrared filters use heat and light to act as a hard water filter. The water then has a softer feel and prevents mineral buildup in pipes and fixtures. It can reduce soap films in bathrooms and mineral spots on glassware.

This can also prolong the life of different household appliances. Though, this type of filter is not preferable for drinking water as it leaves trace amounts of chlorine and heavy metals.

Alkaline Filters

These filters send water over electrically charged plates to separate alkaline water from acidic water. This creates softer water that is better for your skin when bathing. It will also improve your drinking water.

However, while it creates better drinking wate it doesn’t remove as many contaminants as other filter types.

Mesh Filters

These are simple filters that will remove dirt, rust, clay, sand, and other particles so that they don’t damage your plumbing system, faucets, and appliances.

These filters are low priced and will help maintain plumbing, but won’t offer much improvement for your drinking water compared to other filters.

Types of Water Filters For You

Now you know that some types of water filters are great at protecting your home and appliances, and others are great at protecting your drinking water and skin.

As a smart homeowner, you’re sure to improve your home’s water whether you choose one water filter or a combination of filters!

Please check out our other articles for more informative home tips and useful information.

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