Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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What are the Cheapest Cities to Backpack in with a Friend

The Covid-19 pandemic has enormously changed the way most of us live our lives – and nowhere is this change more obvious than in the world of travel. Going from place to place is now a no-no, and getting on a plane is just about unthinkable, with flight restrictions going up every day.

If you’ve been planning a backpacking trip overseas, then the bad news is that it’s very unlikely to happen this year. But why not make the most of this time, and start planning an epic trip next year to make up for it? When these measures finally lift, it’s likely that you’ll be itching to get away – and doing so with a friend make for the trip of a lifetime. One thing that can be planned well in advance is a web duo ticket. You’ll save money by travelling to the airport as a pair, and have more to spend once you’re out there!

And where better to go than the Far East?


Vietnam is among the cheapest places in the world to stay, with the average hostel in Saigon and Hanoi setting you back around £15. You’ll be able to see large swathes of the country before crossing the border into neighbouring Cambodia.


Cambodia is slightly more expensive – but only very slightly. There’s no shortage of cultural sights to see in this part of the world, with the biggest draws being the country’s iconic Buddhist temple complexes. The most appealing, naturally, being Angkor Wat.


Thailand has a bit of a reputation for being saturated with tourists, thanks to its incredible nightlife. It remains to be seen whether the tourist trade can recover after a year or what amounts to hibernation. With all of that said, there’s more to Thailand than cheap drinks and clubbing: head there and sample some of the historical sites available.


Head further into the pacific and you’ll run into Indonesia. This part of the world is rich in untouched beaches, cliffs, and other spectacular geography. If you’re going to sample a few unforgettable sunsets, here’s the place to do it.


Perhaps the most enticing of all Myanmar’s many historical attractions is the Shwedagon Pagoda, an ancient golden temple built more than two thousand years ago. It’s to be found right on the country’s south coast, so you’ll be able to make the trip across from Thailand to see it.


On the other side of Burma is Nepal, which is perhaps most famous for the wealth of mountains found there. If you’re not about to go mountaineering, then don’t worry: there are plenty of temples, historic buildings, and other wonders to uncover.

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