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Top 10 Innovative Keychain Designs That Make the Perfect Souvenir or Giveaways

Key chains are functional tools that keep your precious keys organized. Since everyone needs a key chain, this item actually makes the perfect souvenir or giveaway for weddings, corporate events, trade shows, and the like. These key chains can come in different designs, which can be easily printed on and customized with personal details by your reliable supplier like the BrandMe Promotional Products. Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to settle for a flat and uninspiring design. The trend these days are key chains that serve a double purpose. Here are the top ten innovative keychain designs, which serve as perfect souvenirs, giveaways, or gifts for any event and occasion:

Bottle Opener

A key chain bottle opener can come in different forms from a surfboard, a slice of pizza, or even a unicorn. You can choose whatever icon you need to help promote your business or event. It can be a serious looking bottle opener with your company logo printed on it, or it can be a fun and vibrant object that represents whatever product your company sells. The kind of key chain design you choose can actually say about your personality and company culture, so choose wisely. The best part is bottle openers really do come in handy.

LED Light Torch

Whatever design you choose from a motorcycle motif to promote your motorcycle store or a cute pet dog to represent your grooming services, you can have these uniquely shaped key chains embedded with LED light. The front will bear the light diode and somewhere in the body will be the battery compartment. Just squeeze the item when you need light.

Cell Phone Stand

A key chain that doubles as a cellphone stand is a very handy giveaway because everyone carries a mobile device nowadays. Having these in your pocket at any time means you can whip them out whenever you need a place to prop up your phone.

Swiss Knife

A small and sleek looking metal key chain that doubles as a Siwss knife is a functional piece that everyone will certainly appreciate. To kick it up a notch, you can have the body engraved with your company details.

Locator Key Finder

It’s a pain when people cannot find their keys. This locator key finder keychain solves that annoying and frequent occurrence when you cannot remember where you placed your keys. With a swipe of an app on your phone, these locators will start making noise, so you can hear where you last placed your keys.

Pill Box

A key chain that doubles as a pillbox is a nice souvenir, especially for people that take maintenance medication everyday. This handy pillbox can also hold tiny breath mints, which the younger generation can benefit from. After all, it’s good to have access to a breath mint when you frequently go out on dates.


In this modern world, a key chain that doubles as a USB is a handy tool. You’ll never know when you might need access to information or download more information. Having your precious keys attached to a handy USB ensures that you’ll have access to data storage wherever you go.

Self Defense Tool

You can give away harmless looking keychains that can transform into self defense tools in case you’re in an emergency. For instance, a kitty design with sharp ears double as a poking tool if ever someone attacks you.

Lip Balm

Everyone needs their lips moisturized so having your keys hooked to a lip balm means you can have easy access to them wherever you go. This is a nifty idea even for days when you’re not carrying a purse. Just put in your pockets and go.


A super loud whistle is another life saving gadget that can attract attention to you in case a would be attacker is lurking in the background. A key chain that is also a whistle really makes a great functional souvenir.

There are many other design ideas out there which you can give away to help promote your company. Remember, uninspired looking keychains are a waste of money because they get thrown away easily. The most important consideration is finding the perfect supplier which can turn your design ideas into functional pieces that people will actually want to keep and use.