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The Best Places to Buy Used Bags and Purses Online

We love bags! But we shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for our favorite brands like Gucci and Chanel just for a cute purse.

Well there’s hope. These online brands pay special attention to what to sell and how to sell it and, in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity of the items, they generate a shopping experience worthy of a luxury boutique.

At a time when responsible consumption is more necessary than ever, these online stores are a good way to clean the closet by earning a few dollars selling your gently used bags and purses or to treat yourself by saving a considerable money on your favorite bags.

At, we review some of the best handbags available in the market and can help you choose a bag that fits your budget and style. Once you’ve found the bag for you, here are some great places to consider purchasing it.

The RealReal

Started in 2011 by Julie Wanwright, The RealReal is an e-commerce marketplace for selling and buying luxury goods. They specialize in authenticating goods and they offer watches, art, home décor and most importantly, designer handbags!

If you’re looking to sell, their in-house staff of expert curators and authenticators will visit your home to inspect your bag and then pay you for it on the spot. In turn, they will make your bag available online.

Some of your favorite bags from Prada, Gucci, Chanel and more are available at discounted prices since they are gently used. And best of all, they guarantee that their bags are real.

Hardly Ever Worn

Apart from being able to share a wardrobe with top models, the great advantage of Hardly Ever Worn It compared to its competitors is that, in addition to second-hand garments, it sells brand new items. In summary: it is possible to get a new Dior bag for $250 when its original price exceeded one thousand.

If you want to buy: Prada or Chanel handbags are the most coveted pieces among female buyers and everything that is signed by Tom Ford sweeps the male audience that, by the way, has increased from 20 sad members in 2013 to more than 4,000 last year. Some items are auctioned and others have marked and considerably lower prices. Your offer includes some more affordable exceptions signed, for example, by Uterqüe.

If you want to sell: if your item is nice, is from a good brand and at a good price, you can get it liquidated in 10 minutes. You will be the one in charge of photographing it and uploading it to the web. If someone buys it, the store receives payment and will send it to you when the item is delivered to its new owner. Easy.

Vestiaire Collective

Since a group of French entrepreneurs set up this store six years ago, Vestiaire Collective has managed to position itself as one of the most popular in its category. They closed 2014 with 46 million euros and already operate in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States.

On the web they claim to have prices up to 70% lower than the outlets of big brands and ensure the authenticity of all their products. Its great milestone and fastest sale was a Birkin de Hermès liquidated in 17 seconds for more than $50,000!

There are more than four million members worldwide – and the site has all the Chloé. bags, Hèrmes bags or Céline bags you could ever want.

Putting a product on sale in Vestiaire Collective is free (they only take commissions once the transaction has been made and, on average, you will earn 75% of the sale).

High Fashion Society

If you want to buy: Christian Louboutin bags, or purses from Chanel, Hermès, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton are the best-sellers in the store. Discounts on footwear can reach 90% and it is possible to save about one thousand euros in bags as timeless as Chanel 2.55. In addition, the website has a permanent sales section.

If you want to sell: the first step is to fill out a form. Within 48 hours, the High Fashion Society team will contact you and send you an estimate of the sale price. Once the article arrives at its London offices, it only remains to photograph it and put it on sale. They are responsible for sending the buyer and entering the money once he has reached his new home.

We are love our bags as they are the perfect complement to our dresses. What woman doesn’t want a designer bag? But being smart about your buying choices and not breaking the bank is key.

With bags available from places like TheRealReal, Vestiaire Collective and even Walmart, you can amass a collection of totes, clutches and purses and be confident that you’re getting an authentic bag at a great price.

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