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Should I Choose Anti-Bird Netting or an Anti-Bird Spike System?

If you are looking for a solution to solve your bird problem, you will soon discover that you have a lot more options than you thought you did. While have choices can be a good thing, when you are not an expert, it can make things more complicated. Namely, you can be overwhelmed with the choice you have.

In particular, a lot of people struggle to pick between anti-bird netting and installing an anti-bird spike system. Indeed, they are both good options that are going to be successful at deterring birds from your building. But, it is going to depend on what type of areas you are trying to protect. So, let’s take a closer look at anti-bird netting and an anti-bird spike system to see which one is best for you.

About Anti-Bird Netting

First of all, let’s take a look at anti-bird netting. Just as the name suggests, this is a solution that uses netting and a perimeter framework cable. It can be set up at regular intervals so that birds are not able to roost or nest on your building. This is going to keep birds away from nooks and high spots on your building where you cannot chase them away. Birds have a talent for finding high spots to hang out. So, this is a solution to stop this from happening and prevent them from building a nest.

You can choose from different netting ranges when you contact Apex Bird Control. This includes 19 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm gauge, which are going to keep out a variety of different bird species. In addition, the netting is very durable and designed to last a long time. Indeed, it is made from high density UV stabilised knotted 12/6 polyethylene. This is not going to rot and it will be able to deal with the elements.

Something that a lot of people worry about is that anti-bird solutions are going to stand out and be seen on their building. Well, the good thing about anti-bird netting is that it is subtle. You are able to choose a colour of netting that is going to blend in with the fascia of your building. For example, you can choose from black, stone and translucent.

Anti-bird netting is also a humane way to get rid of your bird problem. It is not designed to hurt the birds. Instead, it can block of areas of your building that they might like to nest. Instead, they will simply fly away looking for somewhere else to rest.

About the Anti-Bird Spike System

Do you find that a lot of birds are nesting on your window ledges and other flat areas of your building? Then you are going to want to look into an anti-bird spike system. This varies in design from anti-bird netting. But, it is no less effective. Instead, it works in a different way and it is going to better suited for window ledges and flat points. These are spots that you cannot reach and you cannot chase the birds away from. So, instead of allowing them the time to nest and use this space how they want to, you can put in an anti-bird spike system.

Just as the name suggests, an Anti-bird spike system is going to feature a polycarbonate base with blunt spikes. They are fanned out so that birds are not able to land on that ledge anymore. When people hear the word spikes, they assume that this could be a hurtful design for the birds. But, this is not the case. First of all, the spikes are always blunt. In addition, this design is created in a way to be humane; it acts as a barrier to stop birds roosting and nesting. Simply, it takes up the space so that they cannot land. They will move onto another building instead. Even if they try to land the spike is going to touch their body, which means that they are off balance. This can be frustrating for them and they will go somewhere else.

To Conclude

If you are having an issue with birds hanging around your building then you need to check out some popular anti-bird solutions. In particular, anti-bird netting and anti-bird spike systems are popular. Both are going to be human ways to deter birds from your building. The netting is going to be subtle and there are colours to complement your property. In addition, the anti-bird spikes are going to stop them from landing and nesting on flat surfaces.

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