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How To Make A Good Logo

A good logo is a tool to help promote your business. It can create interest for further interaction with the company. Try to interest the potential client in every way possible. For quick and easy graphic image design use “Turbologo“. 

What is a logo?

It is something that everyone sees on a daily basis. It is not enough to order a simple pretty picture from a designer. A logo is not a primitive symbol that can be drawn quickly. It is often confused with a trademark. 

Why do people pay a lot of money for this marketing element? A logo is a unique graphic sign. It fulfils several important functions. It conveys the main idea of the company, it communicates the key message. 

It performs an associative function. A good quality logo can make a product stand out from the competition. It is by this unique image that customers distinguish one product from another. 

From the described function follows the next one – a protective function. The logo indicates that a certain product is the property of the company. If another company makes use of the registered logo, it may be liable to prosecution. 

There is also a warranty function. By putting this marketing element on a product, you offer the consumer a guarantee of a certain level of quality. This is how companies want to gain a foothold in the market. There is also an aesthetic function. The logo can increase the appeal of the product. It is not just a picture, but an important aesthetic element. It has to be used properly in packaging design. 

How to make a good logo

Logo by Arafat Hossain

Initially, you have to decide on the identity of your company. It may be based on the peculiarities of the company’s history, its field of activity. When developing a marketing element, you need to define the mission of the business. You also need to determine the future priorities of the company:

  • objectives;
  • products;
  • concepts.

The information obtained is not enough to develop a logo. Creating a unique and attractive graphic image requires special inspiration. It is advisable to visualise the future drawing in your head. With the help of modern software, you can draw comfortably. Take notes and save successful ideas that you and others like. There are different types of logos:

  • word logos;
  • letters;
  • brands.

The verbal options are the most common. It is the embodiment of your business, made beautifully designed in words. The logo can be conveniently formatted by highlighting certain letters. There are no other visual elements. 

Lettering options consist solely of the company’s initials. This graphic element is notable for its brevity. Many business owners want their company to be known by its initials. Popular examples are DHL, NASA, BP. It is possible to arrange the initials in a way that is attractive and easy to read. 

Separately, the trademark should be highlighted. In this type of logo there are no words. A striking example of this variety is the Nike logo. True, this option is unacceptable for an unknown and new brand. Usually, to cope with the development of such a graphic image can only be professionals. 

Psychology of shapes, fonts, colours should also be taken into consideration. One may not be a professional designer but make an eye-catching logo. Usually it’s inside a shape. Squares, circles, rectangles and ovals are the most common. A rhombus, a shield, is often used to add symbolism. This may seem unimportant, but the right choice of shape is almost a complete guarantee of success. 

Colour can convey the psychology of your company. It’s advisable to initially create a black and white logo. When you like the combination of form and font, start to dissolve the resulting blank. So you can easily experiment with different shades. 

The next psychological aspect is the fonts. They should reflect your brand. If you’re running a high-profile company, it’s a good idea to use a handwritten font with a strong base and serifs. 

The hierarchy of elements should be considered to create the best option. An important guideline is good legibility in different sizes. If the font seems compressed, increase the letter spacing.


It is advisable to create several logo designs. After that, show it to a few people, decide on a suitable solution. Add the resulting graphic image to all the marketing elements. All the preliminary work won’t go to waste. It can be used to create visual effects for the company. 

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