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How to Assess the Quality of the Paint?

When it comes to painting your home, hiring the right contractor and getting it painted as per your specs alone is not enough. You must also assess the quality of paint and see that it matches up to your expectations. If you are not sure how to assess the quality of the paint, then do read on.

  • Check the color: At times, contractors could be in a rush and may end up painting the wrong shade or using the wrong kind of paint, as a result of which the finish may not be as great as expected. And that is why you need to assess the quality of the paint job; the first thing that you need to do is to compare the paint with the shade card and see if it is the same color and tint that you had selected. Moreover, the paint in question must not drip and it must be dry as well. You can touch the wall to see if the finish is indeed smooth, sans any imperfections. One of the reasons that you may want to search online for house painters in Auckland is that you can get hold of some of the top ranked professional painters and the one thing that you can count on them, is a strict adherence to the colors selected.
  • Even coats: You may want to double check and see if the coating has been applied evenly. It is essential that all traces of the old paint have indeed been removed, before applying the fresh new coat. You can confirm the same with the painter and make sure that all the lines are straight, even and that there are no uneven lines since they can cause imperfections. You may also want to pay attention to all the respective corners near window sills, doors and other areas to ensure that the coating is indeed even. With the right professionals, you can rest easy and that is why it pays to Google search for Interior plastering in Auckland, as that should list out top local professionals
  • Brush marks: it is important that your walls do not have any brush marks. Brush mars can impair the beauty of a newly painted wall and can mar its finish. That is why it is important you inspect your freshly painted walls closely. And should you come across any brush mark, you can request the contactor to paint on another coat and to get rid of the same.
  • Stains: Since the contractor has completed his work, you may want to inspect your home and see that there are no untoward stains left on your property. You may want to request the contractor to remove the same, should you come across any. And as always, if you do not want to get the paint on any important pieces of furniture, you may want to use paint covers for the same.
  • Natural light: It is important that you assess the quality of the paint job in natural light as it can show you all the imperfections, if any. You can also see how your home looks under artificial light as well and see how the paint job looks under the same. You may also want to view the window grille closely as well as outlet switches so see if the painter has indeed been thorough. It is essential that you opt to get your home painted during summer, when there is less humidity and rain, and your paint should dry faster.

This is how you assess the quality of paint; it is important that you go ahead with a professional painter, especially one with the requisite experience and expertise. And make sure that the contractor signs an agreement listing out all that he has agreed to carry out on your property. The formalized proposal should provide enough information about the vendor, his experience, expertise and the contract should also list out all the tasks he would carry out as well. And once you review the terms and consider it to be fair, you can then sign on the dotted line.

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