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How Do You Match The Wig Color With Your Eyes

Your natural hair color restricts how many shades you go down or above while dyeing hair, you might need contact lenses to pop up your eyes under this imposed hair color. You can’t take off hair color like daily makeup. Hair wigs give you the liberty to choose any color you wish to wear to accelerate your eyes and looks. To match or compliment your eye color massive changes are not necessary. Just a right, little shade will be enough to shake things up

Some suggestions are given below gathered from synthetic wig reviews on color selection by experts; you will surely come up with great ideas. As a general rule of thumb dark brown eyes pop against blond hair, light eyes pop against black, and, red undertones make blue and green eyes pop.  

Green eyes

If you have gorgeous green eyes, you have a wide range of wig colors to look stunningly beautiful. Green is quite rare and striking enough to its own. To match or compliment wig color with green eyes you need to consider what skin tone and tone of green you have. Both factors play an important role in choosing subtle or fantasy colors of hair. It’s just because some colors work great altogether and some may fall flat on different complexions.

Tones of green

Green is not just green, it may have different tones; warm, cool, or neutral. To bring out warm tones like Hazel, choose a warm color. For cooler blues and grey undertones cool tones are best to pop up eye color.

Skin Tones

Here again, skin tone doesn’t mean dark or fair color; it refers to the cool, warm, or neutral colors. Go according to the natural skin tone. As for light or dark shades consider these suggestions;

  • Fair skin with green eyes

You are the luckiest green-eyed, green eyes fair skin people have an advantage that most of the dark and light shades would look equally superb on them.

For fair skin and green eyes platinum blonde, neutral blonde, white, ivory, or honey blondes are amazing to enhance your eye color. 

Cooler skin tones and green eyes are paired perfectly well with ash brown. Warmer tones of brown golden brown, chocolate brown, russet, and pastel pinks.

Create a statement look with APPEARANZ’s DAENERYS | BLONDE SYNTHETIC HARD FRONT WIG. The ravishing Ivory-blonde is paired with long, layered tumbling waves to accolade your green gazes.

  • Medium skin

Warm blondes are captivating shades for green-eyed tan skin tones. Chocolate brown, copper, amber, champagne, help greens stand out even more. If you crave red wigs nothing can beat crimson and burgundy with red ting to enhance greens.

  • Dark Skin

Caramel, chestnut brown, cherry red, dark auburn hair weave hues stay true to dark skin tones

APPEARANZ, s CHOCOLATE BALAYAGE | BROWN BALAYAGE SYNTHETIC LACE FRONT WIG. Chocolate brown with caramel highlights and dark rooting is just a perfect match to pair with green eyes. This long wavy curvature will make you look super attractive all day long.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes mirror Mother Nature, the sky, and the oceans. Like green eyes emphasize skin tones and complexion.

  • Fair Skin

Blondes are the natural combination for blue-eyed. For warmer tones stick to honey blond, buttercream blonde. Platinum blondes and all silvers make perfect sense for Cooler skin tones with blue eyes. With tones of red especially strawberry red blonde and true red, dark blue eyes is a sight to behold.

Fantasy colors; Try on some vibrant shade wigs; do buy a blue, bright red. Or Pink, to make your blue peeps stand out.  Some cool-toned fantasy colors; lilac, pastel blue will fantastically glam up blue eyes.

  • Olive skin

This skin tone with blue eyes needs real attention, as it has several undertones. Don’t go yellow it will make your greenish skin look sallow and dim. Golden blonde, mocha, caramel brown, auburn. light brown ombre is a good choice for olive skin with blue eyes.

  • Blue eyes and dark skin

Blue eye and dark skin are a rare combo. If you happen to fall in these exotic eye and skin color shades match your pastel-colored hair weaves to make your iris more distinct. Beige, brunette, and mocha would be the top pick.

Having blue in eyes doesn’t mean you can only go contrast on the color spectrum. Matching blue eyes with blue hair wigs gives you an extra high impact. Go Blue with APPEARANZ accentuating hues of blue OCEANA | BLUE SYNTHETIC HARD FRONT WIG & FANTASY | PASTEL BLUE SYNTHETIC HARD FRONT wig to flatter your looks.

Brown Eyes

The color of the most beauties around the world, for these chestnuts, peeps a huge array of hair wigs colors are there. It has various warm and cool tones. So to morph suitable colors go deep to know your eye tone of brown. Fortunately, this neutral shade goes beautifully well with every color. On a general note, green, purple, gold all dazzle brown eyes.

  • Light skin

For lighter skin tones Lilac, sandy blondes, ash blondes, light blue ombre, platinum blonde can’t go wrong. If you like to stay brown, gold brown, medium brown with highlights simply amp up brown eyes. For some extra oomph deep burgundy is excellent.

  • Medium skin tone

Not light not too dark, you are fortunate to have brown shades in eyes. Enjoy your hair color transformation with hair wigs to adorn your splendid brown eyes. Some dirty blondes, caramel, honey, or copper highlights will make your eyes the center of attraction. Copper brown and plum will make your skin shine

  • Dark skin tone

Sticking with dark-toned hair wigs compliments dark skin tones with brown eyes. Dark or light brown hair with coffee, toffee, or caramel highlights is absolutely exceptional. A maroon or magenta touch is even more captivating for brown eyes dark skins.

Don’t be afraid to go vibrant you have plenty of bright color choices for your dark hues. Switch up your hair color by wearing pastel pinks and blues. Purple is a must to go crazy when you want to look cool and trendy.

Purple is the color of all fashionistas out there. With your brown peeps, whether dark or light purple is a bomb combo. Highlight your brown eyes with

APPEARANZ’s TWILIGHT SPARKLE | PURPLE SYNTHETIC HARD FRONT WIG and watch your eyes flash golden instantly.

For pink vibes APPEARANZ’s 

PINK BLOSSOM| PINK OMBRE SYNTHETIC HARD FRONT WIG will blossom your hazel brown eyes in a blink of eye.

Take Away

Choosing a wig color is not just a random pick. You have to look for several aspects of your facial features and personality. Eyes color is one vital face feature you can’t overlook. After viewing several synthetic wig reviews and blogs about wig hair selection. It’s evident, choosing the right hair hue will enhance your eyes and personality, brighten up your face and make your hairstyle look even better.

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