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Heating Hitches: 6 Common Heat Pump Problems

As a homeowner, there will be times you need to make some repairs. In recent years, Americans have spent an average of $5,000 on annual home repairs! It ranges between one and four percent of your home’s value.

Many people experience heat pump problems but aren’t sure how to handle them. Keep reading our guide for six common heat pump issues and what to do about them.

Frozen Heat Pump Problems

When it gets cold outside, a heat pump can get covered in ice on the outdoor unit. When that happens, it can block the coils from transferring heat. These heat pump issues cause your home not to get warm.

You can spray some water on the ice to melt it if there is snow or debris around the unit that can clog it up. You will want to clean it to keep the air flowing without interruption.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

Sometimes heat pump issues get caused by simple errors. One thing we tend to take for granted is our air filter. These filters get clogged with dirt and grime. When they don’t get changed, it can cause power cycle issues.

Your filter should get changed every thirty to ninety days. If you have pets, you might want to do this once a month to avoid heat pump repair.

Unit Powers off Too Soon

One of the most reported heat pump problems is that the system runs but powers off too soon. That can be several things, but it may mean your unit is too small or you have a refrigerant leak.

These heat pump services need to get handled by professionals. It could be an issue of repairing a leak, but sometimes you will need heat pump replacement.

Won’t Change From Cool to Heat

If you can’t get the temperature to go from warm to cool or cool to warm, you may have a faulty reverse valve. That device handles going back and forth between temperatures.

HVAC companies can check these heat pump problems. They will either repair or replace the valve.

Unit Is Leaking

If you notice your unit is leaking, you should call a professional. These heat pump problems can cause mold in your home, which can make you sick.

It could also mean your drain got clogged. If you don’t get these heat pump issues fixed soon, you could get water damage inside your house. Those will get expensive to clean!

You Noticed Bad Smells

A musty smell can mean you have mold. You can clean this yourself if it’s a small amount. Otherwise, a pro will need to deep clean.

It could also be electrical issues. Those need to get fixed soon, or you’ll have to pay for a heat pump replacement.

Maintaining the System

Many heat pump problems can get avoided with proper care. Making sure you keep up with scheduled maintenance will keep your heat pump working at its best.

A little due diligence on your part could save you expensive home repairs in the future! For more household tips, check out the rest of our site for other articles like this! 

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