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Fancy Trying Something New? Have a go at Slingo!

Slingo! Yes, you heard us right – Slingo is the new gaming hybrid on the block that we believe is worthy of your attention. This exciting newbie is a blend between Bingo and online Slots, giving way to some spinning, daubing action that’s simple and thrilling. 

You’ve probably played Bingo at some point in your life, so you’ll be aware that the aim of the game is to complete your Bingo card, or complete patterns with your numbers. Slingo is no different, but in addition to your grid, you’ll find a set of reels where corresponding numbers and symbols will appear. You’ll have to spin those reels in order to find and check off the numbers on your Bingo card. 

If that’s sparked your interest, here are two of the best Slingo games to get you started. Just a pre-warning — we can’t promise that you won’t fall in love with Slingo after sampling these games!

Deal or No Deal Slingo

Ever dreamt of being a contestant on a hit TV show? Well, today’s your lucky day, since this Slingo game is your golden ticket, making you the star of the popular gameshow Deal or No Deal. You’ll receive a five-by-five grid and will experience some of Slingo’s most exciting features, such as free spins, themed bonuses – like the Prize Boost ladder – and the Banker’s offer. It’s up to you to spin the reels to match the numbers to those on the iconic red boxes, so what are you waiting for?  

If you’re a Deal or No Deal fan, you’ll be familiar with the Banker’s offer. This feature is unleashed after you’ve hit four Slingos and will offer you a cash prize. Should you choose to accept it, the game will end and you will win this prize. However, if you’ve got faith in your chosen box you can opt to open this to reveal a prize or continue spinning. 

Each time you bag yourself a Slingo, the Prize Boost ladder is activated. This adds a multiplier to all cash values between Slingos five and 12. If you manage to score a full house when playing on the ladder, you’ll multiply the value of your box by 20! 

You’ll also be on the hunt for five different symbols. The standard icons are numbers from one to 75, but one of the highest value symbols, the wild, comes in the form of a Joker. This cunning icon will guide you to open one box in the column above. Alternatively, if you land a Super Joker, you can open any box of your choice, anywhere on the grid. 

Rainbow Riches Slingo

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot games. But this fan favourite has undergone a makeover, teaming up with a Bingo grid to create this exhilarating Slingo game. If you’re a fan of the original Rainbow Riches slot, then we guarantee that this Slingo variant will be right up your street.

The game includes some of the iconic bonuses that can be found in the classic game, including pots of gold and magic toadstools. So, if you’re fancying a brand-new adventure over the rainbow, then this Slingo experience could be just what you need.  

The game’s symbols include: 

  • The Joker
  • The Super Joker
  • The Devil
  • The Free Spin 

Each of these have their own unique function, with the Free Spin symbol being one of the most exciting! If you match three of these symbols on the reels, then you’ll be rewarded a go on the Free Spin wheel, where you could win multipliers. 

As we previously mentioned, this Slingo game is filled to the brim with features and bonuses, including the Wishing Well. This will be unleashed if you manage to create five Slingos. If you achieve this, you’ll be transported to the Wishing Well bonus round, where you can pick from three wishes to win multiplier rewards. 


If you’re taking a break between slot games, and fancy sampling a new and invigorating gaming hybrid, then you’ll want to sink your teeth into a game of Slingo. The themes are enchanting, the features are electrifying, and if that wasn’t enough, the prizes are juicy! 

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