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CCI 22LR Ammo: Is It Really a Good Self Defence Choice?

Made by the ammunition manufacturer that is CCI, located in Lewiston, Idaho, CCI 22LR cartridges are used widely across America for a number of reasons. The thing is, not nearly as many people think about using them for self-defence purposes as they should. What’s more, the statistics bear this out.

The 22 is a popular choice for police officers and according to recent law enforcement figures, these cartridges have the desired impact when it matters the most. When used operationally, it was found that 34% of the time, the shots were fatal and 69% of the time, the attacker was left incapacitated.

Food for thought, we think you’ll agree. Still not convinced? Then keep reading.

Why Many Police Officers Choose 22

There are, of course, many options available to law enforcement officers (LEOs), with centre-fire 9mm being one of them. Unfortunately, when compared to CCI 22LR, many professionals feel that they’re not able to offer consistent enough velocities.

Others say that the bullets are too light and don’t have the stopping power to put an assailant down in those split-second moments that can literally determine the difference between life and death.

However, when considering 22 caliber rounds, they’re not as loud, they’re more accurate, they offer consistent velocities and the weapons they’re used in are usually lightweight. They’re super reliable too, with a low recoil and are cost-effective enough for you to notice a big difference at the checkout.

The Advantages of CCI 2LR For Self Defence

As we just alluded to, this particular caliber of cartridge is cheap, meaning that you can get lots of training done for not a lot of expense. This is great news for those who carry for self-defence reasons, as it means you can get lots of practice down at the range.

Accuracy is a big deal in life or death situations, which is why the lack of recoil presented by 22 is such an advantage. Even when used in the some of the smallest handguns out there, you’re going to have no problem controlling your shots. Follow-up shots are made that much easier too – another benefit, especially for novice shooters.

Are There Any Cons?

It would disingenuous to say that there were no cons to using 22 caliber rounds for home or self-defence and that’s because it uses the rimfire system. This could mean an increased chance of a failure to shoot – simply because centerfire rounds are more reliable in this regard – but we’re talking about a relatively rare occurrence.

Another issue could be one relating to expansion and penetration. 22s don’t tend to expand that well and as such, can have penetration issues, although this is almost always when a lower-quality grade of ammo is used.

A Good Choice For Self Defence? You Bet!

The most compelling argument you can make for using CCI 22LR for self defence is the fact that so many police officers use them in their line of work. When you’re in a job like that where you’re relying on your equipment to protect you, you’re going to go for the best option, rather than being swayed by advertising and hearsay.

So, when you’re making your choice of which ammo to use at a time when self-defence is more important than it has ever been, we think that considering 22 caliber ammunition is something that anyone should do. Offering excellent performance at an affordable price, it’s not difficult to see why opting for it is a wise move.

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