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Best Places to Experience SUP Tours

Are you looking for a way to stay in shape and have some outdoor fun this summer? If so, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) might be the perfect water sport for you. 

In recent years, SUP has become one of the most popular water sports in North America. This is because it is incredibly easy to master. Most people who try paddleboarding for the first time usually get the hang of it within half an hour. Moreover, unlike surfing, skimboarding, and other similar water sports, SUP is versatile and not restricted by weather conditions. 

This is because you can easily adjust your paddleboarding style in accordance with the direction of the wind and the speed of the currents. SUP racing, touring, fishing, and leisurely paddling are some of the options available to you, when you hit the water with your paddleboard.

SUP also offers a lot of variety when it comes to the different types of water bodies in which you can practice this sport. From leisurely quests along secluded beaches to thrilling races in fast-flowing rivers, SUP has something for all types of sportspersons. 

So, if you want to experience a long and memorable SUP tour with your family and friends, read on to know about the best destinations for this activity. We have prepared a list of the most mesmerizing destinations that are perfect for multi-day SUP tours, just for you!

Kratie, Cambodia

A mellow riverside town with gorgeous sunsets and an expansive riverfront, Kratie offers attractive French architecture and the extremely rare Irrawaddy dolphins. The Mekong River, which flows through the town, was once home to more than a thousand Irrawaddy dolphins. Their stubby beaks and bulging foreheads make these endangered freshwater dolphins unique among their kind. 

Unfortunately, only 92 of them remain in the Mekong, between Kratie and the Lao border. While you can hire a boat to sail through the river and approach the dolphins, this can be quite disruptive for the already-fragile ecosystem of the Mekong. 

Thankfully, stand-up paddleboarding offers a sustainable way to get into the river and commune with these endangered yet majestic dolphins. You can go on a multi-day paddleboarding tour of the Mekong, exploring the flooded forests and remote river beaches, while keeping an eye out for a glimpse of the elusive freshwater dolphins. 

North Portugal

Dotted with quaint cobblestone villages and lush vineyards, the northern beaches of Portugal are far removed from the popular tourist spots of the south. As a result, they offer a more authentic cultural experience. 

Instead of the artificial, guided tours of the southern beaches, you can simply rent an inflatable paddleboard to drink in the scenic rural surroundings as you venture down the Douro River. 

Celebrated as a global wine capital, northern Portugal is still home to some of the oldest wine farms in the world. The local cuisine includes some of the most delicious dishes in Europe, and the local wine is worth dying for. 

You can also opt for an SUP tour to explore the Lima River further north, but the currents are a bit stronger here, so this spot is best suited to more experienced paddleboarders.

Southwater Caye, Belize

Just off the coast of a small, Central American country known as Belize, you will be able to experience unique, lodge-to-lodge SUP tours conducted on the Caribbean Sea. 

This tour includes a multi-day paddleboarding trip between the sandy islets of Billy Hawk Caye, Tobacco Caye, and Southwater Caye. Swaying palm trees, soft white sands, and turquoise waters are some of the features that attract tourists from around the world to this remote destination. 

On this SUP tour, you will get the opportunity to paddle over the second largest coral system on earth, known as the Belize Barrier Reef. Astride your paddleboard, you will be able to explore the narrow mangrove channels and sheltered lagoons for which the region is famous. 

Finally, you could spend your evenings watching the sunset from your lodge, relaxing on a hammock and spending some quality time with your co-travelers.

Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

A temperate rainforest in British Columbia, Canada, this is the only place in the world where a rare white subspecies of the American black bear can be found. It is a dense, fairy-tale like rainforest located on the Pacific coast. 

When visiting this region, you can go on seven-day paddleboarding journeys in search of the white bears, commonly known among locals as the ‘spirit bears’. Furthermore, when paddleboarding in this region, you might get a chance to approach the humpback whales found in the Pacific Ocean. 

While visiting the Great Bear Rainforest, you will be able to explore the distinctive wildlife, culture, and folklore of the Coastal First Nations. The diverse wildlife and rich history of the rainforest are the reasons why so many paddleboarders flock here every year. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to experience the thrill of multi-day paddleboarding tours on foreign shores, you should first pack the appropriate gear before heading out on your SUP adventure. A sturdy paddleboard, personal floatation device, adjustable paddles, and ankle leash are the essential pieces of equipment for such a trip. 

Aside from those, you might even consider packing a high-quality wetsuit, sunscreen, pump, fins, flashlight, and rescue whistle, for maximum safety and comfort in the water. These items will allow you to make the most of your much-awaited, long-distance SUP tour.


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