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A Guide for the Big Heads on How to Wear a Hat

One-size-fits-all hats are a myth when it comes to buying hats. Well, did you ever try them on your head? Yes, if you are a big-head person, it would have looked like a thimble on a football. Do not take this to your heart, as science says people with big heads have more intelligence than ordinary people. And you are less likely to have degenerative diseases like dementia because of your larger brain size. But to our dismay, we do not have enough research to tell you how your head size can affect your vanity. No one has ever said that clever big-head people do not want to look good! So, this article will guide you on how to daunt a hat on your so-called big crown. 

Do you genuinely need a hat?

Hats may have become a style accessory, but no one can disregard their functional aspect. If you want to wear one for a practical reason, then, of course, you do need a hat. The construction site would require you to wear a hard hat because it’s important, and if a situation arises would also save your life. 

Earlier hats represented different things. They often portrayed a person’s profession or social status. These factors are often less relevant, but some individuals still wish to project a certain image by wearing a specific hat. For example, London bankers always wore Derby hats (also known as bowler hats) daily.

It’s necessary to protect your big head from the harsh sun rays. Umbrellas are bothersome, and no one puts sunscreen on one’s scalp to safeguard their head from the heat of the sun. So, hats and caps are a convenient choice for players and individuals alike. And these hats can also protect you from cold weather. Thus, hats can help you out for practical purposes. But again, no one can deny their existence as a fashion accessory if you want to go all out. Thus, we would like to state that those with a large head have as must right to flaunt a hat as anyone else, whether they need one or not. 

Body and face shape

Some hats are suitable for persons with a large head, particularly if your bonce is large but not disproportionate. Sun hats are often generously sized. It makes it easy to fit in your big head and gives you respite on a hot summer day. Some hat makers, though, now have a different hat section for big-headed people where you get the option of buying cowboy hats, top hats, outback hats, and various types of sun hats. 

Unfortunately, hats with fixed bands require the proper head size, or they appear silly on your crown. A skull cap or a beanie might make the top of your head appear smaller if you happen to possess a round face. It may exaggerate the size of your face. A fedora or a Panama hat with a brim might be a far better option. If you are a healthy and tall person with broad shoulders and a large waist, wearing a bigger headpiece will offer you a better look. The hat size must always be proportional to the body type of a person. 

Big hats are not for you if you have a huge head and a small body. If you possess such a body structure, then a smaller circular hat, such as a pillbox hat, maybe the best option. If you have a petite body and a large head, berets can help you look good. People with longer face types should opt for lower brimmed hats. Individuals with square jaws and angular faces may wear a round hat to achieve a balanced appearance.

Taking advantage of the style quotient

It is not always necessary to pick a hat according to your body type or head size. The hat style will largely depend on your overall look. If you are fond of rock ‘n’ roll fashion, then obviously, you will never tread on the formal hat section of a shop. If you want to look dashing but are worried about your big head, opt for a fedora. It is also a better option than a bowler hat. 

You have more alternatives to try if you have a knack for flashy style. Trying out different hat accessories like jewelry, feathers, or flowers will hide the size or simply add more to it. Honestly speaking, if you have a flamboyant style, you can definitely get away with any hat of your choice as long as it complements your whole attire. You have to feel and look comfortable to carry a hat style. It’s crucial to remember that these are only recommendations to assist you in developing your own personal style. After all, you will be the last decision-maker. 

Hats for special occasions

According to Chiangrai Times, hats are wonderful for fancy dress parties, formal occasions, and even group gatherings, as they help people bond. Weddings can be difficult for you to manage if you have a large head, particularly if you don’t get to choose the style. But the women can take advantage of this situation. You can pick a large brimmed hat with lace, flowers, and a variety of other hat decorations, and it will not seem out of place. Even if you have to wear hats that would sit on your large heads tightly, do not hesitate to ask the organizer to get the right-sized hats. 

The best solution

There are special stores that can help you in getting hats for your big heads. You can look for them both online and offline (brick-and-mortar stores). But the style range may be limited. Many online hat stores have good return policies. You can buy from them, and if the hat does not fit you, you can always return it.  

And if you are ready to spend some extra bucks, it’s best to get it custom-made. This way, you will get to choose your style and hat accessories. You will not have to bother about the fit if you get a hat solely made for your crown. 

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