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7 Tips for Wildlife Pest Control

Are you worried about pests settling around your home?

Around 14 million households across the country reported seeing rodents in their homes. These often carry vector-borne diseases that can put you and your family in danger. Not only rodents but squirrels, raccoons, and other small mammals can also pose a threat to your home.

What’s worse is keeping them out of your home isn’t even enough in most cases. Some settle around your property, causing damages to your garden or yard. Wildlife pest control becomes an important part of your daily routine if you want to prevent all these from happening to you.

Check out what we’ve prepared below to know what you need to do to keep vermin away. Protect your home’s interior and exterior by doing so today.

1. Secure Your Food

Vermin and other local animals have a keen sense of smell. The main reason they invade a home is that they can smell whatever food you have lying around. It’s enough to encourage them to enter your home and rummage through your pantry.

Keeping all food items secured won’t give animals any incentive to explore your home. Invest in airtight containers to prevent the local wildlife from catching a whiff of your food. Keep them deep in your house, too, to minimize the chances of the scent wafting outside.

If you don’t have enough containers to accommodate your food, wrap them in a ziplock bag and hang them in a high place. They’ll be able to smell your food, but you can at least make it so they don’t reach it.

It’s also a good idea to keep your kitchen clean. Unwashed dishes still have the scent of the food placed on top of them. It’s enough to entice animals to visit your kitchen.

2. Clean Your Yard Regularly

Regular yard care is a big factor in outdoor pest control. Keeping your yard free of debris prevents animals from finding a place to nest. Mice, raccoons, and opossums often consider these places ideal nesting grounds as it means there’s little human activity in the area.

Securing your trash also prevents local wildlife from approaching your property. As mentioned above, food gives off a powerful scent that attracts all manners of wildlife. Food waste still keeps its scent, making your bins targets for raccoons and black bears.

Get trash bins with tight lids to dissuade potential garbage raiders. These animals are smart enough that, if they can’t open the lid to your trash, they won’t bother coming back to try again next time.

It’s also a good idea to trim branches so they don’t get too close to your home. Smaller mammals like squirrels and chipmunks can use these as a highway to your house. Getting rid of them keeps them away from your roof and prevents them from nesting in your attic.

3. Setup Barriers Around Your Property

Placing barriers in key entry points also helps against these nuisance animals. A screen by your fireplace prevents pests who enter through your chimney from venturing further. You can also get a chimney cap since most who enter the chimney become stuck there.

If you have a doggy door installed, invest in a lock and keep it locked before going to bed. Doing so prevents most of the wildlife from entering, as a majority of them are nocturnal.

Install a fence around your yard, too, if you’re planning to take up gardening. Those growing something in their yard know how much of a headache garden pests are. A fence made from chicken wire will be enough to save your garden from raccoons and rabbits.

4. Spray Scented Repellents

Using repellents is simple and involves no manual labor. You only need to spray an area to discourage wildlife from getting closer to your home. Reapplying the scents regularly is the extent of maintenance in this manner.

Some animals, like rabbits, don’t mind the usual scents in the market, though. They’ll nibble on your plants even after using scents like garlic clips or castor oil. However, some sprays contain hot pepper extracts, which dissuade them from eating crops.

These won’t work on raccoons and larger vermin, though. You’ll need to use sprays made from predatory urine to halt their advances. The musk may offend your nose, but it’s a surefire way of protecting your property from garden pests.

5. Train Your Pets

Your pets can help you keep the local wildlife away. Dogs are intimidating enough that raccoons and chipmunks scurry away after hearing their barks. They can even keep coyotes and other larger mammals away from your property.

Cats are also great at catching small mammals like mice and gophers. The only thing you need to know is that your pets can ruin your garden, too. What’s great is that a cat scat mat is enough to prevent them from digging up your lawn.

6. Place Traps in Key Areas

Traps are a great way to keep the local wildlife from running rampant on your property. Place them in areas where animals frequent and all you need to do is wait.

It may sound like a cruel solution, but these are better than other options like crop poisoning or mole extermination. Modern traps don’t harm the animals inside. They only keep them trapped until you or a professional service come to pick them up for relocation.

7. Control Grub Population

Tunneling mammals like gophers and moles keep coming back because of the grub on your lawn. Small animals prey on these grubs as they’re an easy snack for mammals their size.

You can reduce the grub population by introducing other organisms to your garden. The milky spore beetle and certain nematodes both prey on grubs but don’t ruin your garden as moles do. The waste they provide improves crop health and yield, instead.

Master Wildlife Pest Control Today

Keeping your property free of vermin and other pests need not be such a tedious task. These simple tips will make sure none of them go inside your home or cause damage to your property. Live worry-free by employing these wildlife pest control tactics today!

Do you want to learn more about indoor and outdoor maintenance? More of our guides can help you keep your home in order so you can elevate your quality of life. Check them out and see what you stand to learn today!

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