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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Roof Racks for Your Vehicle

Roof racks may seem like a simple topic, but this can change when you start looking for one. Not only do you need to take your budget into account, but there are a number of different shapes, materials and attachment systems available for roof racks, with each designed for different intended uses. So how do you make a decision about roof racks? This article providessix tips to help you choose the right roof rack for your vehicle. After reading through these points, you’ll be primed to make an informed purchase from the available range of roof racks.

1. Be Mindful of Roof Rack Weight

The roof of your vehicle can only take so much weight, and this must obviously include the weight of the roof rack itself, not just the weight of your possessions. You want your roof racks to be strong, but you don’t want them to be too heavy either. Some steel racks are chunky and heavy, which will eat up the weight capacity of your roof even before you’ve put anything on it. If weight is an issue, look for aluminium roof racks that are 30% lighter than their steel counterparts and just as strong.

2. Consider Modular Roof Racks

Modular roof racks are easier to assemble and can also be altered by adding different components to the rack for carrying and attaching to specific things. For example, you can construct a full platform, swap out any pieces that get damaged, and add devices to carry canoes or surfboards. By choosing modular roof racks, you can get the best value for your money. This is true even when the initial cost might be more than a static one-piece roof rack. It’s the end value of what you buy that counts.

3. What Accessories Does it Come With?

When you buy a modular roof rack, it will come with a range of standard accessories. However, the features of each will change according to the manufacturer. When you choose from the wide array of modular roof racks, make sure the one you pick has the kinds of accessories that suit your needs. This is important, as two different manufacturers are unlikely to make their roof rack components compatible. You need to be clear on which accessories you need from the start and let that guide your choice of brand.

4. Is It Strong Enough?

If your roof rack will see harsh conditions, it’s vital that you buy a roof rack suited to such wear and tear. For instance, acheaper roof rack will likely not be suitable.

Some rack manufacturers specialise in making roof racks for harsh landscapes and climates. Choose a roof rack that can handle everything you’re going to throw at it.

5. Avoid Plastic Roof Racks

A big warning sign is a roof rack that’s made predominantly of plastic. It might be cheaper to buy, but it won’t last. Plastic becomes brittle with too much sun and can crack and break. It also has an inferior load rating.

6. Choose a Low Profile Rack

When you put an object on your vehicle’s roof, thiscan affect noise and fuel economy.

Opting for a low-profile roof rack can have less dramatic consequences as far as fuel efficiency and noise are concerned. A lower profile roof rack also allows for more convenient loading and unloading of your cargo, enables easier entry to garages, and creates less drag when on the road.