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6 Great Exercises You Can Do With Your Baby

Exercising regularly after your baby is born is great for your physical and mental health. It can also help boost your bond with your little one and stimulate their senses with new sights, smells, and movements.

As soon as you’ve been cleared by your doctor to get moving again, throw on that maternity sports bra, tie your hair back, and get started! Need some ideas to inspire your workout? Check out these six great exercises you can do with your baby:

1. Walking Or Jogging With The Pram

One of the easiest ways to get moving with a baby is to get outside and walk or jog with the pram. Walking whilst pushing a stroller can easily burn 150 calories an hour while also exposing you both to nature, which is wonderful for stimulating your baby’s senses and for your mental health. 

2. Baby Yoga

Once a baby is four months or older, you can start to experiment with safe yoga together. You could do a free online baby yoga class or start with a minute or two of some simple exercises. Try lying on your back, feet flat on the floor, legs bent, with the baby resting on your pelvis (with you holding them under their arms). Then slowly lift yourself one vertebra at a time until you feel your core engage and a stretch in your back and shoulders. Slowly lower down, and repeat as many times as you’d like. 

3. Swimming

Going swimming with your baby is really enjoyable because you get the weight off your body for a while, and your baby gets to have lots of fun splashing around. More than 50% of Americans can’t swim well enough to save themselves, putting them at a higher risk of drowning. With this in mind, it really is worthwhile exposing kids to the water early as it will prepare them for swimming lessons later. 

Consider investing in a safe baby flotation device like a baby boat that gives you a hands-free exercise advantage. Also, make sure you always keep them next to you and always have your eyes on them. 

4. Freestyle Dancing 

Dancing with a baby at home is incredibly fun. Just holding them and moving around, singing, and throwing shapes can put you both in a great mood. An 80’s playlist usually does the trick, but anything that gets you moving is fine. Just be sure not to crank it up too loud as your baby’s little ears are still very sensitive. 

5. Low-Intensity Floor Work

As with yoga, there is no reason your baby (over four months) can’t be on the mat with you when you do low-intensity floor work. Pelvic lifts, curl-ups, baby weight squats, planks, and sit-ups are all possible with the baby strategically placed safely with you. Just make sure you follow expert instructions on exercising with a baby to ensure you keep your little one safe.  

6. Bench To Bench 

While you have the baby in a pram or stroller at your local park, you can fit in some extra exercise at each bench. Just perform a set of push-ups, squats, or on the spot sprinting at each bench, resting in the stroll between them. 

Exercising is one of the best ways to bounce back physically and mentally post-pregnancy. Why not try one of the above tips for a wonderful workout boost to brighten up the day for you and your baby.

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