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4 Tips for Buying Big Ticket Gifts

Buying gifts for a significant other, spouse, or child at a key age can be a tricky challenge. Buying a big-ticket gift can make the receiver feel incredibly special, but purchasing these items comes at a cost. Sometimes this cost is reflected in a high price tag, and other times it’s because of an extensive research burden in order to get the present just right. Buying gifts is never a simple proposition, but with these four tips, you can get the perfect gift for your loved one without all the added hassle and stress.

1. Use a buying service for large purchases like cars.

car buying service is a great way to handle a major purchase without alerting your loved one to your plans. Instead of sneaking off to dealerships in your area or building up cookies in your online browsing history, leave all the work to the experts. Doing the research yourself will create suspicion around the house.

When TrueCar ads start popping up on your shared desktop or your partner starts asking where you’ve been all morning on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll have to come up with elaborate lies to throw them off the scent. Leave the mess to someone else. With a car buying service, you can input parameters into a search form—making them incredibly nuanced or very vague depending on what stage you find yourself in the search—and the service will provide a selection of reviews and cars that match your desires. They can even drop off a vehicle at your workplace for a test drive away from the prying eyes back home.

2. Consider the unique benefits of the used market.

Buying a used gift may seem cheap at first glance, but there are a great many items that are actually great buys as used items. Collectibles like used Audemars Piguet luxury watches or vintage Gibson Les Paul guitars come with a unique history baked into the item itself. While these items certainly scream luxury in new or used condition, a used model like a vintage Audemars Piguet watch or a stainless steel chronograph timepiece comes with the personal backstory of previous ownership. More often than not, you can maximize your purchasing power to buy an item with more prestige and staying power when buying used. If your loved one has an eye for watchmakers that prize the craftsmanship of the dial or functions over short term flash, then a used chronograph bracelet might be the perfect addition to their collection.

3. Remember to account for the financial toll.

Buying a big-ticket item, no matter the discount you might receive, will likely come with a lofty price tag. Make sure that you account for the spending before going in on any purchase. This is good advice regardless of the price, but repayment on a new vehicle or luxury item will last on your credit card balance far longer than a typical Christmas gift. Make sure you plan ahead for making repayments in order to clear the debt as soon as you possibly can so that you aren’t left with a bitter taste in your mouth after handing over your thoughtful gift.

4. Don’t forget to plan a spectacular reveal.

Giving a special gift takes a significant amount of leg work up front, but it all culminates in the actual giving. Remembering to plan a fantastic reveal for a uniquely special present is a great way to cap off the magic of the gift and make for a season of giving that your loved one surely will never forget. Find inspiration wherever you can, think about hiding the present in your loved one’s favorite place, or set them up with a prank of some kind in order to maximize the grandeur of the actual giving.

Make this year special with the perfect present.