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12 Astonishingly Cool Home Decoration Ideas At Christmas To Give A Trendy Fee

Christmas is one of the events where you see decoration everywhere. From a well-decorated mantel to a dinner table – everything is decorated in the best possible fashion. 

People often go for the red and green combination on Christmas because these colors are essential at this event. 

Not only do you need to decorate your bedroom, but your kitchen, living room, and T.V lounge, curtains, blinds, and shutters as well. 

Do you know how to decorate your place, keeping in mind the latest and modern social trends? 

If you are unaware of those trends, here is everything you need to know to make your place look preeminent: 

1. String up bells

How about you string red and white paper balls to get a light and cheerful look? 

This is one of the most ingenious ideas to implement in your house decoration. The combination of red and white will look even better together with a fishing line. 

2. Santa climbing ladder

In order to decorate your Christmas tree, you need to have stationary objects, right? What if we suggest a decorative item that can make your event even more exciting?

The Climbing Santa – it makes the decorating process fun and festive.

The Santa Christmas décor will keep your little ones engaged in the adoring process, too – they can hang lights with him and have him take them above the tree. 

It won’t only be an exciting item for children, but adults too. 

3. Decorate your bar

A bar can be decorated with the help of candles, lighted bottles, and flower vases. Yellow, red, and green are the colors you can use to decorate your bar and don’t forget to attach Christmas frames on the bar wall to make your place look astonishingly cool. 

It’s recommended to have all the beverages in your bar, but it also has to be decorated with greenery and a candlestick holder. 

4. Festive pillow

When you are decorating your house, never forget to decorate your own room. You can use a festive pillow with a Christmas print on it to spruce up your place, keeping in mind the theme of Christmas. 

We suggest you top a red pillow with a white ribbon and don’t forget to add a bit of greenery to enliven your sofa chair on Christmas. 

5. Use candles for decoration

No matter what kind of Christmas theme you have- there is always a space of candles to decorate your place. 

Although there is a risk of fire hazard that is associated with those candles, but nowadays, candle lights are available. Use those candle lights around the Christmas tree to give your place a classy look. 

6. Make Advent Calendar

Have you ever thought about turning your kitchen into an advent calendar? It’s one of the perfect ways of decorating your home for Christmas. 

To make a creative advent calendar – use ribbons and hang them with little tin containers. You can label those containers with days and months to fill them with treats. 

That’s a kind of giving tree you need to have in your house to make an impression with your decoration skills. 

7. Decorate a tabletop tree

A decorative tree is as majestic as anything else on a Christmas day. Obviously, you will have a huge tree in your house decorated with Christmas ideas, but make sure you also have a tabletop tree to give your lawn or room a decorative look. 

Moreover, Santa will also love the space beneath the tables where he will stash large gifts. Moreover, you can use that decorated table to have a cup of coffee at Christmas night. 

8. Wrap Garland around bedposts

Not only the walls but every part of your house should give a classy look at Christmas. The bedroom is one of the most important areas, and people often ignore it and pay more attention to lawns. 

To make your bed amazingly cool – wrap the garland around your bedposts so you don’t have to worry at all about rogue pine needles. 

All you have to do is leave that garland between your bedpost and bed frame, and it’ll stay there for as long as you want. 

9. Build yourself a makeshift fireplace 

Do you have any fireplace in your house? No? There is nothing to worry about. You can simply attach a cloth, hang stocking with the utmost care, and your fireplace will be ready. Easy-peasy. 

Moreover, you don’t have to invest a lot, and you will also be able to remove that cloth once Christmas is over. 

10. Go for the candy effect

Red and green are everywhere at Christmas, aren’t they? If you want to distinguish your house in terms of decoration, you have to do something unusual to turn eyeballs around. 

Rather than relying on red and green color, opt for candy-colored ornaments to decorate your place. You must be thinking about what to use then, right? 

Well, you can use candy canes and peppermint garland to spruce up your place. 

11. Deck your walls

You must have a lot of gifts to place underneath your Christmas tree, right? Now is the time to get creative and think out of the box. 

How about your deck your walls with wrapping papers with a black and white theme? By doing this, you won’t only make some space for your gifts, but your place will also look stunning and different from others. Place as many gifts as you want over your walls in a symmetrical fashion. 

12. Mix in fresh fruits

Do you think apples are only reserved for fall? If yes, we suggest you to think again. Mixing in the fruits with your decoration is something different you can do to make an impression on others. You can stick fruits throughout a large garland to give your place a fresh look. 


We all wait for Christmas for a whole year, and it’s a shame that this day passes with the blink of an eye. When you have such a short time celebrating this day – make sure you decorate your place as creatively as possible. 

The ideas mentioned above should help you decorate your house according to the modern and latest trends.