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10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Driving

People’s obsession with driving the different vehicles is pretty common these days. Meanwhile, this year has been quite an innovational for driving in the whole decade. From the redesigned Mercedes-Benz G-Class to Elon Musk’s latest unveiling of the electric cyber truck, the driving obsession has been picking up a lot of heat lately.

However, some even go further and embark on their primary relationship with the vehicle, which is pretty odd. It’s not the fact that these petrol heads regard their affection for the fancy perforations and smell of petrol. It is the blissful feeling to be on the driving seat and drive your favourite car.

Moreover, the factor of insecurity also encourages one to choose driving as the primary hobby. It’s the fact that cars are the significant source to display the wealthiness and respect, which clearly explains the obsession with driving. In reality, it is ok to be obsessed with driving because everyone has their own choices to enjoy things differently. The rightly motivated and obsessed drivers also follow the driving rules and authority regulations. To satisfy your obsession, you can also hire the services of EzLicence Australia to learn the authentic driving experience. Moreover, to put the difference between obsession and enthusiasm, let’s discuss ten signs that show your mania with driving.

Spending more time on the road

Vehicle enthusiasts are more obsessed to stick with their cars and road than any other activity. The study in AAA Foundation for traffic safety explains that an average human has started to spend more time on the road since 2014. To narrow these results down even further, research says men spend 19% more time driving.

Just look at your gasoline bills and find out yourself. Many factors also contribute to the increase in the trend of driving on the road. These factors also include lower gasoline prices, and enthusiasm to have vehicle ownership. These factors clearly explain the fondness and passion of the gear heads.

Naming your ride

Some may never find a personality in the vehicles but ask the gear heads who are unintentionally obsessed with them. They always look at the vehicles as human visages and also names them. Jokes aside, car designers also consider these attributes and assign them motif. Names like Vlad for Chevy Impala or Rhonda for Honda are pretty common among the road riders.

Road trips

Driving obsession also leads to regular road trips. Whether you are with friends or family, you will always opt for road trips. The reason for that is the serene feeling and subconscious that increases the encouragement to go for a cruise. The vehicle enthusiasts are also obsessed with their memories that allow one to stick with the driving seat rather than anything else. In short, your keenness to join any road trip shows your obsession with driving.

Car Accessories

The driving obsession also leads to the guilty of spending too much cash on the car accessories. They always look for the things that benefit them and their vehicles to increase the potential experience. From the expensive radar detectors to the food storage and tray, they all lie in the unusual yet beneficial car accessories.

The anxiety of letting others drive

Accept it, and it becomes challenging to hand the keys to someone else. If you are obsessed with driving, you will never permit someone to drive you to the places. It may contain, your parents, friends or loved ones, but the actual reason is the pride and joy of having the ownership of a vehicle.

Activity on Social Media

Drivers just can’t avoid snapping and posting their engines on social media. Their social walls will always be filled with cars or bikes and show their obsession with driving. Moreover, they will also exhibit their new accessory or speeding achievement to gain respect from the people.

Fast & Furious Obsession

There is no other driver you will find that hasn’t watched the famous “Fast & Furious” movie series. The famous series is the primary source of their obsession with driving and racing their rides. The gear head drivers always look for go-to stunts for the pleasureful sounds and excitement of burning tires.


Speeding is another sign that you are obsessed with driving. Speeding allows drivers to identify their hidden skills of driving. Moreover, the outrage and overtakes also encourages drivers to manage their driving skills for speeding. With that, overtaking and speeding on the speed limiting areas preoccupy them and encourage them for more.

Miles don’t Matter

Once you start getting obsessed with driving, the miles will not matter to you. You will start giving your maximum to the car by spending a lot on fuels and accessories from stores. It is the reason that cars always helps in satisfying the itchiest desires. Whether it is a midnight drive or freeway cruise or cornering in canyons, driving allows you to be yourself all alone.

Avoiding Passenger Seats

Obsessive drivers always put pedals to the metals and never choose passenger seats. Even forcing them for passenger seats is a disgrace and humiliation.

Final Words

A driving obsession is not as bad as most people think it is. Being a petrol head can be the most enjoyable thing in terms of leisure interest. Keeping safety and precautions on your side always ensure maximum benefits and entertainment for you.

Always follow traffic regulations rules because they also struggle to ensure your safety and recreation for weekend road trips.