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10 Facts You Need to Know About Data Security

The majority of businesses use digital platforms for their operations to maximize efficiency. Among the advantages of such a tendency can be named the acceleration of work processes, a decrease in paper resources usage and productive interaction between employees, customers, and partners.

But as a result, using Internet Technologies for company data management causes substantial risks and threats for any business. It can result in loss of crucial data, financial costs and loss of customer loyalty and trust.

That is why individuals with good knowledge of cybersecurity and its maintenance skills are in high demand nowadays. This job is all about disclosing, preventing and control of the threats on companies’ digital platforms. The responsibilities will also include implementing security measures and regular inspection of network activities.

The industry of cybersecurity continues to grow. In spite of the fact that counter cyber attacks are getting more and more resources to be involved, it still requires a lot of work and effort to be able to resist the potential threats. It is important for us to define what is the current status of information security development and the following list of most common data security facts will help you with it.

The majority of cyber threats can be prevented.

There are many examples of companies, which have been facing attacks by hackers and as a result, lost a significant amount of profit. While all the threats look complicated and sophisticated to an amateur’s eye, most of them are very likely to be stopped by implementing appropriate security measures.

There is a lack of cybersecurity skilled professionals.

As mentioned above, most businesses actively use Internet Technologies for daily tasks, but at the same time, a large number of companies are usually short in professionals to manage their security. Additionally, hacker technologies continue to develop, as a result, the shortage of cybersecurity experts increases.

Employee negligence causes troubles for network security

Even though most cyber threats are caused by malicious software, employee negligence can also be the reason for data loss and security breaches. That is why setting up cybersecurity measures should count this factor to minimize its possible influence.

Poor email security has big potential for causing major threats.

One of the main reasons for poor company security is email messages. It is widely used by hackers: they send phishing messages aiming to obtain very confidential information of a company with the help of malware installation into the network or redirecting to compromised domains. One should check suspicious email messages they get on a daily basis. There are plenty of quality reverse email lookup services such as Nuwber, BehindEmail, People and so on.

Attacks are one of the reasons for the loss of customer trust.

When hackers attempt to attack a company, the customer trust of the company tends to be lost. It is especially true for companies, which possess a lot of confidential financial information. And even if the suffered company recovers all the information, it is almost impossible to recover their customer’s trust.

It is quite required now to have an SSL certificate as it boosts customers’ trust towards the website as well secures online data that passes between the server and the browser. If you are having multiple websites, then SAN SSL Certificate is an ideal choice to secure for your website.

A hacker attack takes place every 39 seconds

According to one of the studies by the University of Maryland, the near-constant rate of hacker Internet attacks equals every 39 seconds on average. It affects one in three Americans every year — mostly because if the insecure usernames and passwords they choose.

Small business is the target for 43% of cyber attacks

Small businesses can be considered as more vulnerable ones, and the fact that almost half of all cyber attacks are aimed at them makes efficient cybersecurity measures even more important to avoid web-based attacks (experienced by 64% of companies), phishing & social engineering attacks (62%), malicious code and botnets (59% of companies), denial of service attacks (51%).

Most companies can take up to 6 months to identify a data breach, even major ones

Passwords, credit card details, social security numbers are among the information which may already be compromised by the moment you’re notified. As a result, you end up with not only the loss of data but also with time-consuming measures to restore it and to manage the consequences of the cyber attack.

Downtime can cause decay of businesses.

Cyber-attacks can result in business downtime. It takes time for any company to recover from such attacks, its systems may require being regrouped and restored. As a result, the downtime might be crippling since the time needed for recovery allows customers to draw their attention to competitors.

A breach causes 7.27% share prices to fall on average

After a breach takes place, it leads to a gradual decline with the lowest point occurring up to 14 market days. You can imagine how much effort, resources and time would take to overcome such deplorable consequences of cyber attacks.

What does it all mean? Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to each and every company in the world. Within the next five years, it has all the chances to become one of the biggest threats to every human, place, and thing in the world. Technologies tend to evolve, and this fact can not keep methods and tools of hackers attacks away from development too. It is crucial for every person in every business from any industry to understand cyber terminology, potential threats, and possible opportunities. Many companies now move towards overall cyber literacy by providing advanced cyber training and educational solutions for all departments of their businesses, starting from marketing and sales and ending with IT and InfoSec – this is one of the ways of how to invest in your company’s security against cyber threats.

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